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Unaware Tanning and Reading POV of Anna

For a few minutes you get to have the privilege of being a shrunken man exploring the unaware Giantess Anna as she tans below the beautiful sky on her sexy lounge chair and reads her magazine. You climb up her chair and sneak around down by her feet admiring every crevice of her naked soles and toes, you climb back down the chair and look way up to see her foot towering above you in the pretty blue sky, you then crawl up her towel to quickly check out her pretty face and upper body! You then follow her long sexy legs the whole way back down to her feet and then you sneak back up and crawl down her towel to hide in it so you can go in with her!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
6:14 minutes
864x480 WMV
voyeur, magazine fetish, shrunken pov, exploration, tanning, bikini, outdoors

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