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Now a Millionaire at Gnat Man's Expense

Don't think you're privileged to come out with me on my dinner date with my bestie tonight just because I bought you as my slave for the weekend from your wife. You're lucky she's still with you at all, despite the fact that she only wanted a quarter- yes, I only paid .25c for you. I get a kick out of that - it must make you feel pretty worthless and humiliated huh? You are smaller than a grain of sand after all, and I'm going to be pretty cruel to you my little fucking gnat man.

Look at you begging for mercy! Kinda turns me on! If you want to survive then you'll need to follow the rules. Should I tell you or make it more terrifying for you to not know them? I want to fuck around with you, so: 1) No speaking unless spoken to. 2) No eye contact unless I allow it. Now take a look at my armpit and take a deep breath in. That's where you'll be going next! My sweat is going to suck you right into it. No foul expressions now... you don't want to offend your Goddess, do you?

Now you're my fucking armpit slave right where I want you since it must be such a horrible place for you to be. My pits have been so sweaty lately too. I can smell it from here. I command you to lick it and suck it to perfection. Swallow the mouthfuls of bitter juice that it rewards you with for your servitude and feed off any grime you get as well because I don't plan on feeding you. Thank me for letting you feed because I could very well just let you go hungry instead.

For a speck sized man you sure are getting a lot of attention. Does your wife treat you this well? I mean, who are you to complain? If you want to earn your way somewhere else, like up my skirt instead, then you'll have to earn it. Your life just might depend on how well you serve the other pit and now that I think of it, your wife didn't even mention anything about your survival. I can do anything I want with you! I could put you up my asshole, have you climb my epically wrinkly soles, squeeze you in between my toes more, ANYTHING! Right now I'm getting off to you suffering in my armpit though - struggle some more! *cums*

*Awakens after power nap* It's time for me to go! While I'm out enjoying a magnificent dinner you'll be alone at my place feasting off of the filth from my slides, so get to it! *Leaves* (Extreme closeup pov as you attempt to clean the dirt and grime from my slides - an impossible task)

*I arrive back the next day* My girlfriend and I were out all night. I figured it'd give a gnat sized man like you more time to try to impress and serve and please your owner, but instead my slides are still filthy and there you are in the carpet cowering in fear. How pathetic. Perhaps I need to teach you a lesson that she hasn't *Epic humiliation and crush tease* Do you think your wife will miss you if I "accidentally" crush you?

Oooh- come here! *Picks you up* Your heart is racing!! Your wife said you were durable, but left it at that. Now it's time to return you, but until then you'll be in my pit because I like to make you suffer like that. It's hot outside so you better keep up with drinking that glorious juice of mine or you risk slipping out to never being found again. OH, but before we go my girlfriend asked me to take a picture of you. Look into the lens. Lick. PERFECT!! *posts to Insta*

Unlike you expected, you're now back at my place still in my pit. When your wife and I saw a movie she traded another month of having you as my slave for a single MILK DUD. She told me to do with you as I please. I got flooded with messages from bitches begging to buy time with you after that insta post earlier. Instead of accepting one, I'm having a VIP party tonight with a minimum 1K entrance fee depending on who it is. I'll only need to ensure your safety for a short while, and then your fate will be at their mercy after the door closes. They'll probably fight to keep you alive until everyone gets a turn, but I don't care what happens to you because I'll be rich at your expense. I don't think your wife cares either, in fact I think she's seeing someone else now. Time to prepare for the party!

Features: Ground shaking footsteps FX AND booming footsteps SFX in all floor POV shots, BIG project - 48 angle changes, micro / gnat sized, bare soles, upskirt pussy peeks, extreme closeup inside armpit, tormented with armpit, very brief masturbation scene, left alone to clean shoes, extreme closeup inside of highly worn absolutely filthy slides (they are gruesome!), floor pov barefoot crush tease, NO PROPS USED - POV and implied to be on finger in third person angles.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
35:48 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
ground shaking footsteps, fx, booming footsteps, sfx, micro, shrunken slave, pov, armpit, soles, upskirt pussy, pantiless, masturbation, slides, dirty shoes, crush tease, under foot, under toes, close up, cleavage, dress, cruel, giantess fetish, Katelyn B

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