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Willingly Vored by Aunty

You've gotten into your aunties work stuff and gotten shrunk, finding yourself scurrying around for survival on the living room floor trying desperately not to succumb under her shoes like any other unnoticed bug. Partially under the table to avoid being stepped on, you're just visible enough that when aunty Beth comes looking for you on her hands and knees she spots you. Beth is incredibly gentle and concerned for you. You shouldn't have been messing with her stuff, but it's also her fault for letting it be available given the potential, where now you are shrunk with no chance to ever get back to full size. Knowing you don't want to exist a this size, you plead with Beth to just place you in her mouth and let you be swallowed so you can at least be some use and nourish her. Time and time again Beth checks if you're sure, if you're really, really sure you want to lose your life inside of her. She shows you her body and where you will end up. With a final assurance that this is what you want, no turning back - she swallows your alive as she's pleasured by your dissolving inside of her.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
18:11 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Beth Bennett, willing vore, gentle, sympathetic, hide and seek, tummy, belly, stomach, body worship, blonde, messy hair, ponytail, dress, dirty tongue, glasses, aunt

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