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Charley Stomps an Unwanted Guest

Charley is cleaning the kitchen as she wonders where her son and his friends are this morning, not realizing one of her sons friends is shrunk and amongst the Cheerios in a bowl that's been left out. He desperately tries to get her attention and he's scooped up and tossed into her mouth with the rest of the cereal. Fortunately for him he's rescued just in time when she realizes there's something moving in her mouth. Greatly relieved that such a terrible outcome was avoided, Charley ponders how to convince him not to tell his mom about what almost happened. She realizes he's always had a crush on his friends super hot, busty mom. She bets he's just dying to see her unleash her big fat tits just for him to jerk his cock too. Charley gives him gentle JOI to empty his cock over mommies big fat juicy tits. Charley soon realizes that she can't totally guarantee his silence. He's placed down below her on the kitchen floor. She gives him a sporting chance and counts to 10 in a deadly game of hide and seek, before she hunts him down and messily smashes his life out like a worthless bug under her foot.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
20:02 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Charley Atwell, big boobs, tits, tit worship, blonde, unaware, vore, giantess fetish, POV, MILF, cleaning, counter, cereal, eating, crush, floor view, upskirt, high heels, red toenails, gore

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