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Foot Slave Fantasy Share

I'm so horny to have you be my foot slave. Get under my sexy bare soles and masturbate with me while I share numerous wet fantasies revolving around having you as my foot slave, full size and shrunken. Hear the juicy details about how my feet are always sweaty and aching for a massage, and how now that I'm a hot milf I especially want a man under my feet serving them. For example, you could wake me up every day with a foot rub, and get under my feet to serve them throughout the day. Of course I'd love to see you cum to my feet and make you cum with my feet. You could keep them soft around the clock with lots of licks to exfoliate them, and give them actual sponge baths. I'd like that so much! I really want to shove my foot in your mouth or shrink you down for them. Take a look at my well worn (smelly!) socks and sandals that'll be shipped off for the enjoyment of my foot fetish fans. Will you be lucky enough to get a pair shipped to you? Make it happen! Fap with a pair on your face as you listen to how I'd let you watch as I crush other shrunken slaves, and how I'd keep you in my socks for the day trying not to crush you next... or maybe that'd make me way too horny and you'd end up crushed as I cum to it. Enjoy this super casual half hour share revolving around my big soft sexy sweaty wide super detailed powerful milf feet!

Features: sitting completely nude in the background touching my pussy and tits throughout, casual masturbation, close up of my bare soles throughout (with a touch of worn sock and sandal tease), hot pink toenails, feet on table, fantasies about having you as my foot slave at your full size and shrunken, dialogue about how my feet sweat more now that I'm a hot milf (it's true!), a look at some of my worn socks and sandals, cum countdown.

Priced at a great deal because this was an incredibly simple production compared to what I usually work on. I was really just so fucking horny to have you under my feet that I stripped down and hit record with the cam on the table without a second thought, so this is really candid. Ps. Still incredibly horny to have you under them... panties wet and wanting you under my desk worshiping my feet while I work!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
34:05 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
bare soles, smelly socks, worn sandals, foot fetish, masturbation, wet pussy, nude, foot slave, foot worship, feet on table, close up, pink nails, wide feet, milf, horny goddess, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. JayToms's Avatar
    When I saw that Katelyn produced a video like this, I had to quickly purchase it. Needless to say, it didn't disappoint. As described in the description, Katelyn is very candid with how she feels and feels natural. The lighting and details presented in this video is 5 stars. It you're a fan of wrinkled soles, seductive talking and Katelyn's charm, then you'll love this! Highly recommended!

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