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Step-Mom Shrinks You For Babysitter Eva

Your step-mom has had quite enough of your bad behavior so has shrunk you and has left you for you babysitter Eva to look after you and punish you as necessary. If you're a good boy, Eva has the antidote and will let you back to normal size. Eva removes the lid and peers into the box your being kept in as she lays down the rules for you. She takes you out and drools on you, watching you fight for your life not to drown in her warm spit as she puts you in your place.

Your babysitter decides she wants her feet massaged and you're just the right size to be put to work. Eva can't help herself, seeing you grovel and submit at her feet has her pussy absolutely soaked! She can tell, so can see you breathing in her feet, there's no way your not rock hard right now. Eva begs and pleads for you to stroke and cum to your babysitters feet as she gives you instructions to stroke you cock until you cum to her. But you've been tricked by your babysitter, you were told to behave and there's no way that cumming at her feet is considered good behavior, you need to be punished.

Your step-mom gave Eva full permission to punish you however she wanted, but probably didn't realize what Eva had in mind. She wants to see you scream and beg for your life as she lowers you into her soft, wet hungry mouth and swallow you alive. Feeling you wiggle down her throat as punishment for being such a bad boy is going to make your babysitter cum. She'll just tell you step-mom you ran away. You've been so badly behaved no-one will doubt her and no-ne will ever find out your fate was to end in your babysitters stomach.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
29:10 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Eva Ray, vore, swallowed, gentle giantess, cruel, sensual, ASMR, feet, foot fetish, foot worship, JOI, masturbation, glossy lips, bare soles, pink panties, redhead, tattooed, table top, shrunken man, pov, inside box

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