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Your Teacher Shrinks You Down to a Bug

You're not the best student and when your teacher Ms Austen gave you the opportunity to earn extra credit by allowing her to shrink you in the lab, you thought it would be an easy way to get your scores up and be back to full size in no time. Except, you end up smuggled into your teachers home in her handbag. She has no interest in improving your academic standing, she has a kink that you are going to fulfil for her. Your teachers panties got soaked just on the drive home at the thought of what she was going to do to you. You can only plead at her feet as you are have a bugs-eye-view from her kitchen floor as she delights in threatening to extinguish your tiny life under the sole of her foot like some sort of worthless bug. You realise his is no joke as her panties hit the floor as your horny teacher swallows you into her pussy. Fully satisfied Ms Austen has realised she's lost track of time, her husband could be through the front door any second. She licks her lip as she delights in feeding herself a begging, screaming, terrified student to slide down her throat and lose his life inside of her.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
22:56 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Ava Austen, high heels, shrunken man, feet, masturbation, vore, bugs eye view, POV, crush tease, blonde, table top, floor view, red panties, lingerie, upskirt, tattoo, British giantess

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