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A Goddess Stuffs Her Belly Full of Countless Lives

As your luck would have it... I just sat down to gorge on borrowers for dinner and there you are, stuck to the sticky floor uncomfortably close to my massive bare foot. A wiggle of my toes reveals your presence. I grab you and you look at my belly and up at me in fear, having just heard me swallow several of your kind. After inviting you to dinner (as if you have a choice) I promise to save you for last as long as you don't try to run.

It's tempting to break my promise and shove you into my mouth right now, but I'll be a nice Goddess for now. Next up is a cute little couple. The man wiggles free from my fingers and makes a run for it as his girlfriend remains trapped between my fingers. He doesn't escape for long and ends up sliding down my throat as they embrace each other through the horror of getting swallowed alive. My stomach moans, happily receiving more occupants.

With the satisfying lick of my lips I reach down for another. Who's next? A business man! I ask questions about borrower world and fantasize about swallowing office buildings full of occupants. Considering that he's successful, maybe he'll have some brilliant idea for everyone as for how to escape my gigantic body?! You know everyone would love to have even the slightest amount of hope even if it's truly impossible!

Sometimes I get bored of swallowing just one at a time unless they put up a really good fight. Whoever sticks to my saliva coated fingers after dipping them onto the plate is all going down as a group! ~Tenderizes them with gentle tossing from cheek to cheek before gulping down~

The more I send to my belly the greedier I get. Even though I'm starting to feel full that's not going to stop me ~stuffs mouth with more~. Only so many more left until it's your turn to join the pool party. Here... I'll slow down for a second to give you some relief at the expense of other's competing for their lives! Whoever slides down my throat the fastest will be set free into the world if they can get back up my throat!!

Who do we have next? A group of swimmers! Perhaps you should go down to help those who can't swim... but nah, you'll probably be more concerned with your own lives while others try to push and shove their way to the top of my stomach above the rest! Quite amusing how they can't fight for their lives against me, but they sure as fuck can against the others!

They are truly so fucking helpless against me as I swallow them into my stomach one after another. Even though there were so many others before you, your time was going to eventually come... and here it is. I've always enjoyed playing with my food, but I'll admit it was extra fun having someone in the audience. I love how the others were covering their faces, closing their eyes, so desperate to escape, and all the while you had accepted your fate and were just happy that I was kind enough to save you for last. Now in you fucking go...

My tongue laps your little body a few times before placing you onto my tongue. You're probably amazed how long a single saliva strand is compared to you, how well you can see my taste buds being small enough to see them individually, how it feels to be on a Goddess' tongue and in her warm saliva as you slide down the hole that all of the others just did... (this paragraph implied / only natural sounds heard during the deep mouth pov of getting swallowed) you even reach out and feel my tonsils before you're never to be seen again. Well, except by all of the others inside of my big bloated belly.

Oh, how I love stuffing my belly full of borrowers! My belly even sounds different as I slap it around and play with it. I ate so many of you that I can feel some coming up my throat! I promised one that if she makes it back up my throat I'll stick to my word on setting her free... maybe the others will even help her out?! Now I'm definitely good for the night on food and tomorrow I'm going to go on a spree collecting my next big meal of borrowers!

Features: Greedy Goddess devours countless borrowers! All are sent to my stomach whole in various ways: singled out and swallowed, couple embraced as they meet their fate, gulping down groups and handfuls, carelessly slipping a single one after another down, creating a competition between a business pair, savoring some slowly and ferociously stuffing my mouth and belly full of others. Incredible closeup shots deep inside of my mouth from the pov of others (single and with others) and from your view when you get swallowed last. Lots of work went into filming and editing this video as has a lot of view changes (face, mouth, belly) and includes meticulously placed stomach sounds heard during stomach views. Lots of gulps and some burps. Giant goddess voice sound effect during your pov. Please wear some nice headphones to hear all of the wonderful digestion sounds! This video has really gotten "the works" and has earned my "oh fuck I came" seal of approval from the editing room!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
35:44 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, groups, couples, shrunken people, shrunken women, shrunken men, dozens, stuffing, stomach sounds, belly, extreme close up, deep inside mouth, endoscope, uvula, on tongue, in saliva, gulped down, greedy, cleavage, under table, Giantess Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Xavier's Avatar
    Holy F@$k! Every giantess and vore fetishist needs to purchase this asap! I`m sure so many fans have fantasized about this sexy and overwhelming scenario before but most clips come short of portraying it as well as Goddess Katelyn has in this video! ? She just makes you feel utterly helpless as she gorges upon handfuls of tinies, reminding you of your fate, and all the while relishing in your fear. Goddess Katelyn's voracious appetite is only surpassed by her lust and her need to cum hard to all the screams and struggles of her vore victims! Instant Classic and a must!

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