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Daisy's Shrunken Colleague

Professor May has discovered that her experimental shrink ray has been used and can only assume that her colleague, is shrunk and somewhere of the floor far below her. With great care not to step on any little person below her, she slowly searches with a magnifying glass until to her relief she finally finds him. Seeing him at this new size Daisy comes to the realization of why have a colleague, when you can have a slave. She gives him an introduction to tit and ass worship before getting herself so worked up, she just can't help but masturbate with her new salve. But tiny people are a little more delicate than Daisy thought and once she realizes he won't be a good slave after his ordeal in her pussy, she decides to have him in the tummy of his Goddess instead.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
24:28 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Daisy May, pussy, POV, giantess, masturbation, floor view, vore, scientist, shrinking

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