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A Burping Friend and Her Hot Wide Feet

It's been a while since you've seen your friend Katelyn so you go to visit her, knowing that she must be home from work by now. When you knock she's happy to see you and shows off her new Nike sneakers that she's been working on breaking in by walking around the development. She just got back from doing so and was just about to get an ice cold drink and relax for a bit, so she invites you in.

She pours herself a glass of tea and gets a straw. Her friend recommended using them to reduce spills since she's so clumsy and she loves how they help keep her teeth white. The first sip is so refreshing she closes her eyes in pleasure and lets out a burp, covering her mouth and giggling in slight embarasment about it. What a relief that was, tho! She's needed to burp all day, and despite her attempts to relieve herself at work, they're only now coming out with drinking the tea!

You both head over to the couch to catch up. She kicks her feet up on the pillow right beside you and removes her sneakers and then her socks to air out her feet and stretch out her toes. They've been cramped up in shoes all day long so it feels great to have them free! She doesn't remember that you have foot fetish and she keeps stretching her soles, wiggling her toes, crossing her ankles, and putting on quite the foot show for you unaware!

At the same time she continues to sip at her tea and burp as you chat. It's relieving her so much, it really feels great. She covers her mouth and says "excuse me", trying to be polite about it, but she also doesn't hold back from getting them out - even narrating them at times! She also doesn't remember that you like hearing her burp. Not for a while anyway!

You're so turned on with her feet pretty much in your face, listening to her burp dozens of times... and as she talks about it all to top it off! She catches on to you and strikes a deal... she'll keep on burping for you if you take her out on a shopping spree! You agree, and before you head out she finishes sipping at her tea, getting dozens more burps out, and then heads off to get into a dress and heels for your outing!

Features: friends scenario, polite burping / saying excuse me and covering mouth, various types of burps, sneaker fetish, foot fetish, sock fetish, rubbing feet together, lots of toe wiggling and toe spreading with crossed ankles, unaware of your fetishes, burping finally at end with chest patting


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
29:16 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
burping fetish, covering mouth, friend, casual, drinking, tea, straw, socks, nike, sneakers, soles, unaware of fetish, pov, legs, shorts, wide feet, foot stretching, toe spreading, toe wiggling, Katelyn Brooks

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