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A Feast for the Eyes: A Worshipper's Delight of a Goddess's Appetite

Until it becomes possible to grow into a Giantess and feast upon skyscrapers, animals, and pleasure myself to everything entailed in my fury, I have been enjoying the company of of my shrunken slaves... especially while I EAT MEAT! Today I pick YOU as the lucky one who gets to keep me company during my lunch. A lunch fit for the Goddess I am. Straight up protein -two drumsticks- and a juicy mango later on for desert.

Eating is one of my favorite things to do because of my fetishes (for food, textures, taste, vore) and my love for food. Watch how I lick it... slurp it... nibble at it... SINK MY TEETH INTO IT... and process with my pearly whites before sending it down to becomes nutrition for my powerful body. Hear me talk about how I would love to do this to those look at me in shock when I don't hold back from these pleasures in public. And I absolutely would not hold back at all the day I grow into a Giantess. There would barely be anything left for the next...

You get a closer look at my mouth with shredded meat inside of it as I swallow it down and clear the rest of the meat off the chicken bone. You know this is what will be happening to you someday, right? For now you get to enjoy an encore... but you better hope it satisfies me or I may need to eat you next.

I chomp down the next one with lots of loud chewing, moaning, and sucking the meat right off the bone... stuffing my mouth, leaning back in pleasure, eyes closed... I gulp the destroyed mashed up remains of meat with a satisfying belly rub to end, letting the food slosh inside of my stomach. So lucky you are to be a witness instead of a victim.

But OH NO! Your Goddess is not satisfied quite yet. There's plenty of room for MORE FOOD! But don't worry, I'm set on savoring the delicious mango next. I prepare it by circling it around my belly full of meat, licking and sucking the oils off my fingers... and the plate! Fucking worship my mouth and tongue as you watch it lick off every tasty little molecule of chicken off the clear plate. Whew... it is quite HOT TO WATCH!

I finally sink my SHARP TEETH into a different kind of FLESH. That of a JUICY MANGO. I slice the meat from its flesh with my powerful teeth and savor its flavor on my tongue before gulping it down. It's so sweet it makes me salivate like crazy. It just drips right off my tongue. I go in again, admiring my teeth marks left on the flesh from my process. All of it is so fucking satisfying for you to watch over and over and over....

My tongue circles around my teeth and lips to clean them off, but I still feel a lot of the fibers of the mango between my teeth. You're small enough to pull them all off, and sure there's risks involves, but you're eventually going to end up in my belly anyway so get in there and get to work!

Features: sensual eating of two drumsticks (licking, sucking, biting, open and closed mouth chewing) and a mango (peeling with teeth and eating/sucking the meat off from the flesh), mostly all low angle shots, your shrunken pov throughout, a few burps, brief belly shots, vore dialogue - teasing it will be you that I eat someday, giantess dialogue (how I would enjoy eating animals and humans), food fetish dialogue (texture, taste), lip licking, finger licking.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
44:30 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
carnivore, chicken, drumsticks, bones, meat, mango, food, chewing, teeth, sensual eating, meal, belly, pov, tongue, licking, sucking, slurping, bite, finger licking, giantess dialogue, vore dialogue, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Savino's Avatar
    It's really long time you don't create a massive chewing clip like in the past, like in you origin clips. It could be amazing to have a new one with endoscope reverse view! It could be a really innovation for your amazing work. Thank you Katelyn for all that you do! (a fan from 12 years)

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