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Boxed In

Eli has always been pretty shy, but not out of shape, regularly going to the gym, where his good friend and fellow boxer Laurie tends to be a bit of a distraction with her beauty, her carefree attitude and her curious habit of always going barefoot...

But one day Laurie unveils an incredible secret during a training session, one that causes Eli to shrink to bug size and be at the mercy of a gigantic version of his barefooter friend, who reveals a much more mischievous side of herself... is she still a friend Eli can trust, or maybe a heartless giantess who's only revealing her true colors now?

♥ 14 pages, including an alternate ending
♥ An athletic, seductive and somewhat narcissistic boxer giantess who loves her feet and hates shoes
♥ Plenty of foot related content, with carefully and realistically drawn female feet
♥ Lots of treats for those who like sweaty and dirty feet
♥ A true wet dream if you're into crush fetish that involves not just shrunken people but also bugs


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Product Details:
Producer: TrimHeartache
14 HQ Photos
1056x1632 pdf
comic, illustrated, shrinking, magic, boxer, punch, giantess fetish, shrunken man, barefoot, bare feet, foot fetish, crushing, stomping, bug crush, strong girl, tall, athletic, dirty feet, sweaty feet, cruel, teasing, toes, soles, TrimHeartache

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