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Sweet Revenge on an Ex inside of Bestie's Belly

Your lifetime bestie Katelyn always told you that if any bitch ever broke your heart that she'd be sorry for it; she reminds you while consoling you over a recent breakup and leading in to a testament of that. You know what Katelyn did to her exes? She did you a favor by doing the same thing to your ex. Yup. In fact she shrank that bitch down, but not too small, and swallowed her feet first so that she had to watch herself getting slurped down!

This comes as a HUGE surprise; instead of getting mad you get turned on listening to Katelyn talk about how it went. The phone call, the swallow, and how you can see that SHE'S STILL ALIVE AND PACKED INSIDE OF KATELYN'S HOT BELLY! Katelyn encourages you to pleasure yourself and join in on the revenge by yelling down her wide open throat at your ex... she opens wide and you have at it! (Implied) Katelyn burps many times throughout - your ex is so upset that air comes up from her protest in Katelyn's stomach which just feels like tickles to her!

Next, Katelyn tells you to close your eyes for a surprise. Moments later you open your eyes to her having changed into a sexy bra and panty with her own personal lube in hand for you. You are now comfortable on the edge of her bed and masturbating with unbelievably welcoming encouragement. Seeing as how you're both enjoying this on what's taken on a sadistic level of you both- she doesn't sugar coat ANYTHING. She fully opens up and lets out ever little DARK detail of her very very voracious revenge on your ex. (Don't want to spoil this so leaving out for your true in-the-moment surprise!)

Ring ring ring... now your ex is calling from inside of her belly! Katelyn answers it just to dominate over her even more. Mocking the victim in her gut gets her panties even wetter than they already were. Her pussy begs for attention, she joins you in masturbating to this hot scenario gone WILD! Before long your ex succumbs to her fate inside of Katelyn's belly which tips you both over the edge into orgasm. After that you both head out to have a good time, and if anyone catches your attention Katelyn will be there with you to make sure everything goes ok.

Features: best friends duo revenge, details about Katelyn's voracious revenge on YOUR ex which comes as a complete surprise and massive turn on, brief dialogue about how Katelyn has swallowed some of her exes, yelling down (implied) Katelyn's wide open mouth / throat at your ex inside of her belly, burping from her protests and movements (especially in close up mouth scene, also here and there throughout), mocking victim in gut, masturbation encouragement, masturbating together, LOTS of teasing fit belly views throughout, ex still ALIVE in stomach until very end, belly button, inside panty masturbation


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
26:47 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
bed, vore, friend, open mouth, uvula, close up, eyes, cleavage, belly, belly button, tank top, shorts, bra, panties, surprise, revenge, couple, ex, breakup, burping, masturbation, encouragement, phone, pov, giantess katelyn brooks

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