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Step Daughter's Vore-fession

Daisy's step-dad looks up from his cage, to see Daisy menacingly looking down at him as she sucks and toys with her lollypop wondering what to do with him. No-one else knows he's shrunk and was found and captured by Daisy. Mom's not home, no-ones coming to save him and she can play with him however she wants. Daisy delights as she ties her step dad to her lolly with a loose bit of string. Teasing him with his step-daughters, soft, wet mouth as she licks and envelopes him as he hears her soft moans of pleasure and comes to realizes she isn't just teasing him, she's getting off to it as he comes to realize just how dangerous his step-daughters pink, wet hungry mouth truly is.

He soon finds himself slurped off the lolly and understands the danger of being toyed with in her hungry mouth. Daisy has a confession to make, a vorefession. The idea of having a tiny, helpless person in her grasp, begging not to lose their life as she swallows them alive and feels them inside of her, gets her off. It's extra naughty to do this to not just someone she knows, but feeling her own step daddy scream and beg not to go inside her, as he slips over the edge and enters inside her body. Feeling daddy as a screaming terrified, wiggling lump going down her throat, is going to make this brat fucking cum.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
29:20 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Daisy Dolly, unaware, step-sister, step-daughter, giantess fetish, vore, swallowed, mouth closeups, blonde, lollipop, lip biting, saliva, drool, taboo, cage, tied, bound, tongue

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