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360 VR - The Unexpected Twist: When Katelyn Turned Cruel

The day has come enabling you to make your biggest fantasy come true in becoming owned by the one and only Giantess Katelyn Brooks and turned into her foot pet/slave/whatever she wants you to be! Taking the shrinking pill made you pass out, upon awakening you have the pleasant sight of Katelyn by your side comforting you through the process. This is so exciting for the both of you, but there is an antidote that you may take if you wish... but it only works BEFORE you shrink.

Since you still have a few minutes left Katelyn gives you a glimpse of what's to come by putting her sexy bare soles in front of your face with the antidote held in between her toes, dropped in front of you, but you can't stop looking at her feet that you wish so badly to serve! No licking until after you shrink down! You hear about how you won't ever have to worry about things you did at your full size, how your only purpose in life will be to serve her and her feet and footwear, etc. Before long you pass out from the shrinking process.

You wake up in front of Katelyn's big toe as her sitting figure towers high above you and she releases her dominant, cruel and sadistic personality. To your dismay, the friendliness was just an act and to top it off she is NOT impressed with you and calls you weak and pathetic for passing out not once but twice. She degrades you for being stupid enough to go through with this without asking to interview her other shrunken fans to make sure life has been good under her. It's good you didn't anyway because there are none left - she's swallowed and crushed them all in numerous ways and you're next.

Time to play a really simple game, she states that it'll be really easy, all you need to do is stay in place. If you move by even an inch she'll crush you upon her return. She leaves the door wide open and comes back very soon... once again you've impressed her with your stupidity by running under a glass table. She tells you to look at her. It's the woman of your wildest dreams that you gave everything up for, and she deems you unworthy of even serving her as a slave to be sacrificed in her twisted games because of how dumb you are. The only thing you're good for is the next crush which happens NOW and very painfully, millimeter by millimeter with your head last.

Features: bare soles worship tease before you shrink, Katelyn's demeanor changes from friendly to cruel after you shrink down, she's surprised how weak and stupid you are and humiliates you for it, she crushes you beneath her studded brown sandals millimeter by millimeter, includes crush sound effects, subtle giantess voice effect.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
17:20 minutes
3840x1920 mp4
shrinking fetish, foot fetish, bare soles, shoe fetish, sandals, pov, 360 VR, vr360, upskirt, demeanor change, dominant, cruel, humiliation, crush fetish, crush sound effects, giantess katelyn brooks

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