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Found on Dani's Cupcake

Danielle has a phone call from her mom, so she has no idea where her step-brother is. She has no idea he's shrunken and had the idea of climbing onto a cupcake in the hope he can finally get her attention and be rescued. She lifts up the cupcake, shrugging of the faint sounds she thinks she hears, it dawns on him that rather than his salvation, his step sister may be about to end his life and eat him alive without noticing him. She finally spots him just seconds away from taking a bite. Shocked and guilt ridden she drops him into her panties to keep him nice and safe until mom comes home

Unfortunately the most naughty thing imaginable happens, despite Danielle's whimpered begging and pleading; his squirming around soaks her pussy. Finally she can't take it anymore and decides to properly use him on her pussy to make herself cum, promising not to accidently down to crush him. He does exactly what she hoped for and if fully satisfied when she cums, but she's so big she accidently injured him. There's absolutely no way she can she can take him to mom now.

Despite his pleas for mercy from big step-sis, Danielle is amazed at how easily he slipped over the back of her throat and begins his journey inside her. It's all so naughty, she can't help but finger her pussy feeling him trapped in her belly.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
32:44 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Dani Maye, boobs, tits, step-sister, step-brother, taboo, upskirt, panties, black dress, masturbation, horny, blonde, giantess fetish, vore, GiantessProductions

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