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New Foot Sweat Slave

Katelyn tells you about how her feet have been so sweaty lately. She doesn't even recall her feet being that sweaty...ever... not even back in high school in gym class! She really doesn't know what has been with her feet lately but it's getting out of hand. She needs a new foot sweat slave to live at her feet to keep her foot sweat at bay. I mean... if she were to go on a date and then get back at his house how embarrassing would it be to have sweaty feet?! That's just a small fear of Katelyn's...

Katelyn props her sweaty nyloned feet up on the very table you're standing on and tells you what she needs of you. You won't get jealous if she needs a second foot slave though right? Because she hopes to get you a buddy or a girlfriend... that way she'd have a slave for each foot! Katelyn's a very nice Giantess in this video. She even told you that you two can come up with a little motion to warn you down below any time she's about to get up so that way you don't get crushed. Hope you like your new life! Katelyn's going to take very good care of you, I hope you know!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:23 minutes
1080x720 WMV
nylons, business lady, pov, point of view, Katelyn Brooks

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