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360 VR - Caught inside of a Hungry Giantess' Pantry

Whilst Katelyn towers over you on the floor unaware in her pantry deciding what to have for lunch, a snack slips from her fingers crashing to the floor drawing her eyes far down below to you -- a borrower! "Stop right there!" She says with excitement in finding you and picking you up. "This explains things!" Her roomba hasn't been working well, but somehow the pantry floor stays pretty clean! She thought she heard something the other night and now she caught you!

You tremble in between her fingers knowing how delicious you would be for her digestion. You look scared and she loves teasing about it, asking if it'd be any better of a fate to crush you, demonstrating what that would be like by crushing a snack on the floor in front of you. It most certainly would not be any better! Back up you go as she teases you with her belly and mouth. When you wiggle to escape her fingers and fall into her cleavage it doesn't save you, it just gets you licked up from her big tit and into her mouth for some more tasting.

A thought crosses her mind... getting you back out of her mouth she asks if you have any family or friends with you? You clearly look upset which means there are more right?! No one comes out to try to save you so she gulps you down. Afterwards she doesn't send anything else down because she just loves feeling borrowers inside of her belly! The only other thing she looks around for is another one of you!

She ganders the lowest shelf and the floor with no one to be seen. If there is anyone else in there she tells them to make themselves useful by cleaning up the crushed mess... if they dare! If they can't resist the easy access food then she'll know for sure that they're there!

Note: This is the rare VR video to pop up at the store. The reason I rarely shoot them is because I've been waiting for VR cameras to improve to get something that will stand the test of time with quality before shooting them more regularly. Working with this VR that is good for Vore (since it fits in my mouth) is like going back a decade as to how good regular filming equipment has become. Anyway, here it is for those who like to enjoy VR as it is today and at a low price since the footage quality is so much lower than my quality standard for non-vr videos.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:41 minutes
3840x1920 mp4
vr, virtual reality, vore, tongue, looking out of mouth, food crush, foot fetish, dropped into cleavage, boobs, breast play, pantry, jean shorts, belly, unaware, hiding, giantess fetish, giantess katelyn brooks

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