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Powerful Vore Fetishist Swallows Another Shrunken Man

Simply asking a hot woman she was wearing after seeing straps peeking out from underneath her mini dress landed you back at her place in an unexpected way. Your new world comes to light as she towers massively above you explaining that you're now shrunken down and your lost mass will be converted into the energy she feeds off of via your cum. If you don't do as she says then she'll swallow you. After you cum onto her tongue she's not done with you yet. Her pussy is hungry too...

She heads off to her office where you get carried away inside of her sweet wet cave sized oh so fuckable pussy. Feeling how horny you are inside of her turns out to be a massive sexual distraction, causing her to pause her meeting just to pleasure herself, all while not getting too distracted from her meeting. You can't cum in her pussy either unless you want to risk being swallowed whole. If you do she'll know and then what will happen is you will get swallowed whole. It would be as simple as pausing her meeting again.

The meeting dismisses and she gets you back out as you've been such a naughty little thing and she wants to swallow more of your cum. She slips out of her little mini dress and gets herself comfortable on the couch to get you out of her big warm pussy. You look up across the landscape of her belly and her mountainous tits to her beautifully large shiny lips and wanting tongue. A welcome of a finger sets you on your journey...

To give you the better odds of squirting an equally impressive load as earlier she grants you permission to hydrate yourself with one drop of liquid gold from her tit. A gentle massage and squeeze later you find yourself racing to it, better get it before her tongue does... just a mere amusement to her as she lets you win! However, when it comes time to squeeze one out, it's far from comparable to what you produced earlier. Maybe you just didn't have it in you since you already came or maybe you lost some control while you were in her pussy.

So, now she'll take what she wants from you by other means. By swallowing you whole. At least you'll have the place to herself, she mentions while revealing that you're not the first this has happened to. This is how she is so powerful and this is also how she gets off. If you don't go down willingly then she'll make it hurt, so across her palm and into her mouth you go... not without a brief hands-and-knees beg which doesn't change your destiny!

As you slip and slide down you hold on for dear life, just drawing out the process of getting swallowed down alive and with her getting off to feeling it all play out. While she's stroking her big wet pussy she fantasizes about having many more men inside of her stomach coating her stomach walls in cum, that's what gets her over the edge to a pussy pulsating orgasm!

Features: a real vore fetishist, pov cum shot onto tongue and swallowed down, swollen horny sweet wet pussy, insertion with internal pov, work distraction as she feels you fucking her sex during a meeting (so fucking hot!), undressing from mini dress to body harness with big tits exposed, drinking a real drop of breastmilk from tit, games, hot angles of mountainous breasts in front of you and more, getting swallowed for squirting out such a small unnoticeable second load / punished for possibly loosing some control inside of her pussy earlier


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
43:59 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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  1. Stephen's Avatar
    Amazing...simply had everything for size and vore fans!

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