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Toenail Slave

You live to serve Goddess Katelyn's immaculate toenails. You can't help it because you're weak for everything about them. How long she keeps them, the shape, the colors she choses, the feet they're on. It makes it worth working just to send tips when you think of them, to cover her pedicures, tip the nail techs, etc. As much as you love it you're also completely under Katelyn's control.

She reminisces over that one time at the nail salon during the break-in phase of having you as her new toenail slave. How you were shrunk down on the hand towel getting rained on by toenail clippings, falling over from being hit by mere toenail clippings and trying to hide your boner during the predicament while everyone was laughing at you.

That was one thing, but do you know what will be coming the next time you deserve it? Just shrinking one part of you... your dick! Katelyn threatens to make it so small that you'd only be able to jerk it with your thumb and pointer finger... what a truly laughable situation that'll be for her to put you in! She's such a bitch that she will tell all of her friends about your little dick!

Before she gets carried away and does it just for the fun of it she gets back to shooting the next video. See? Your Goddess does have a little bit of mercy. Lucky, lucky you.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:23 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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