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Discipline from Headmistress

Vivienne L'amour is absolutely mesmerizing as a stern, heartless disciplinarian of a headmistress. Disgusted by naughty boys and safe in the fact that no-one is going to find out, she begins her administration of discipline by lowering her high heel down on a naughty boy scurrying around on the floor, looking up her skirt like she would dispatch any other worthless, meaningless insect below her. As she feels him plead for his life below her, his bones break and lose his life under her, she can't even hide the pleasure on her face from the other boys still on the desk.

Things begin to get intimate and horrifying in equal measure as their strict, button down headmistress begins to undress and reveal her perfect, beautiful body. Vivienne enjoys making them worship and plead at her bare, crinkled soles before lifting one up and with incredible intimacy, swallows one whole and alive as she feels him enter inside of her as she feels every twitch of his suffering as he churns around in her belly.

Leaning down on the desk she makes intense eye contact with the sole survivor as she masturbates her pussy, confessing how much she gets off to all the pain, suffering and degradation of these naughty boys. Soon you find yourself trying not to die under her pussy as she takes her satisfaction from you, before you end up as a living meal just like your pathetic friend.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
36:30 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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