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Ex Girlfriend's Crush Fest

Katelyn finds a box of her ex's vintage toys tucked away in the back of her closet. He was stupid enough to tell her he was stopping by later this week to get them even she's destroyed his belongings before. After getting ready in her new outfit - blue booty enhancing leggings, new white nike sports bra, new nike trail sneakers in box - she destroys a few of them to break in her new kicks and calls him up saying how she couldn't find them. He questions the sounds he's hearing and she claims that a handyman is over. Things are getting fixed for once, something he was never good at.

She asks him to describe one of the trains, that of which happens to be the exact one buckling to bits beneath her sneakers. She hangs up and rips more open, enjoying every part of destroying his valuables. She knows ripping the box apart alone makes it lose some of its value, as it's no longer "new in box", but they're not going to survive the wrath of their owner's ex anyway.

After destroying several more trains she calls up her new man all horny and fantasizes about blowing him while she crushes another. (There's a brief segment here when Katelyn closes her eyes, bringing the sexual fantasy to life for your viewing pleasure via a dildo for the scene) She hangs up the call all horny and goes on a rampage crushing every last toy beneath her sneakers.

After everything's been crushed she heads out to meet her new man, with one stop along the way. She leaves the box of crushed toys outside his apartment complex to discover when he gets home. Commenting on how she wishes she could see his reaction and that all his neighbors are going to see that he's not a real man, he's a boy that plays with toys. Will he dig through to through the bits to see if one was left in tact? Oh, the possibilities!

Later on her and her new man are off the trail, she tells him to jerk it while she destroys the last few trains and then they fuck on top of the remains... (penetration implied) What a fucking bitch!!

Features: crushing over a dozen miniature toy trains and couple miniature houses, ripping boxes open, crushing an ex's valuable belongings beneath new nike sneakers and loving the power trip of it all, talking to ex on phone during one, talking to new man on phone during another, dildo sucking (brief), Katelyn's pov to end showing all the crushed bits and crushing three more outside


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
26:44 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
miniature trains, train crush, toy crush, object crush, crush fetish, vintage, valuables, ripping, new nikes, sneaker fetish, stomping, destruction, pov, shoe fetish, blue leggings, booty, bitch, dildo sucking, gfe, cruel, ex girlfriend, katelyn brooks

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