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The Gruesome Fates of Katelyn's Microscopic Slave

Katelyn's in the mood to crush you today. You want to live another day, so you send her a nice tip in hopes she'll spare you for now. It works! That doesn't mean she'll be easy on you. Oh no. Instead of crushing you she had crushed some bugs outside instead and you are to clean the grime and filth off her feet while she gets her beauty rest.

The next day she's impressed with how well you've managed to polish a toenail of hers. Yep a single toenail. You are only the size of a speck of pepper after all, so your work is really cut out for you. She heads to the office and drops some more slaves into to her socks to serve her feet as well.

The next time she gets you out again she dumps the rest onto her other hand's open palm and swallows them all whole as you watch in terror. When her mouth approaches your little body next, you have a different fate than expected. She inhales you up into her nostril... your only savior from sliding down her throat with each inhale is getting stuck in some of her snot. Or is it?

You eventually feel forgotten, especially when you're blown out into a tissue and thrown into the trash where you're only choice is to survive off of its contents for days on end. One day the maid accidentally knocks the trash can over which is how you manage to make an escape from the pit of hell you were living in. Now your plan changes from being a slave in servitude to being an inhabitant, secretly trying to survive off what you can get from her world.

It will be extremely difficult given your microscopic size. You devise a plan to make it to her fuzzy slipper where you will reside until the opportunity presents itself to hop off in the kitchen to live under its cabinets where crumbs gather. Much time passes as the trips are too quick with how long it takes you to get very far... until one day she removes her slippers and heads off on a crush rampage, fervently getting off on stomping, twisting, turning her feet on top of some ants who've invaded the kitchen, smashing them all under her bare feet. Now's your chance to make a run for it... do you think you will make it out alive?

This is a text only PDF containing 7 pages of roleplay between Katelyn (vast majority of the text) and a fan (who has been kept anonymous) in 12 point Garamond. Katelyn's responses are in semi-bold text. The above summarizes all of the included text and it also includes an ant crush and foot crush ending.


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Producer: Katelyn Brooks
x pdf
roleplay, story, foot slave, dirty soles, toenail fetish, inside socks, micro, shrunken man, vore, nose, nostril, tissue, trash fetish, forgotten, cruel, trapped, suffering, starving, slave, in shoe, slipper, ant crush, sadistic, masturbation

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