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I had to end this early, sorry if you were looking forward to joining in on the raffle. I'll have another one sometime. (maybe later this year) Drawing the winners and will be in contact today 02/28. Price changed to prevent new purchases.

What's next:
♥ Both winners will be randomly selected and contacted via email (the email you use at my store). Be sure to check your email - if I don't get a response then I'll try again after a few days. If I still don't hear back after another few days then another winner will be chosen.
♥ Both winners will receive an custom made VORE themed video of 8 minutes (valued at $175) starring Katelyn Brooks! Your script may contain up to one detailed page of dialogue, angles (5 max) and direction. The script must follow my custom video guidelines and be vore themed.
♥ Winners will have two weeks to return their script to me
♥ Video will be produced and returned within two weeks of receiving the script

Additional information:
- If you win and you would like to me to draw someone else then please let me know as soon as possible
- No refunds/exchanges


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
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