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Cumming to Feeling You Inside of My Belly

I've been edging myself for days to gain control over my orgasm because every time I've gotten close to swallowing you for real, I came and saved you from making that final decent. While it's been fun to tease and play with you again and again, this time I mean business! I've achieved control to save my orgasm for when you're inside the hot mess inside of my belly! And let me tell ya- it's been DAYS since I came and I'm so fucking horny to cum to feeling you inside of my stomach! Come into my hand, take one step closer to getting there!

My mouth is so fucking wet for you! I wanna taste you, ahhh~~ feel the heat surround your body and get on your back for a nice fun rid. *Curls tongue, giving you a wild view* I wanna taste your skin! *Rips clothes off* ~Ahh~ Feeling your raging manhood against my tongue makes me so wet. I have a game for us: grab on to that dangly thing at the back of my throat for a hot moment without slipping off of it and down my throat! ~Ahhh, you made a fucking mess, making me drool so much with you in my mouth!! Now let's get more comfortable and take this to the bed!~

You see, it's better to be lying down when I swallow you because then your decent will be at a much slower pace, allowing you to really soak in and enjoy every single moment of it! ~Kisses, licks, horny pussy rubbing~ You didn't want to stop now, did you? Because I'm not going to! Now you're going to slide the whole way from the tip of my tongue back it... ~gulp~

Fucking fill me up every inch of the way through with one load after another as you travel down into my stomach to serve your fucking Goddess. My pussy is so worked up that every stroke of my finger around my swollen clit makes me feel like I could fucking loose it, but I'm holding on for when your arrive right where I fucking want you!! Fuck yeah, you're so fucking helpless inside of me, your only fate will be continuing to go through my fucking body~~ you might miraculously make it out alive like a few others have, but no one has made it through me twice! Ahhh~~~!!

Features: vore tease and dialogue throughout, prop and pov, sliding prop back to uvula, deep mouth endoscope cam back to uvula for swallow, close up pussy shots, exposed belly shot talking about your decent down, cumming to feeling you inside of my stomach


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:38 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, inside mouth, endoscope, mouth cam, on tongue, uvula, saliva, shrunken man, close up, horny, masturbation, belly, edging, blue panties, lingerie, bed, white nails, vore fetish, giantess katelyn brooks


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