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A Sadistic Neighbor

A mysterious virus shrunk every male on earth to the size of an ant. You run to your neighbor's apartment to get help, but as soon as she feels something touch her foot she starts playing with it and pinning it down, thinking it's a bug. After she discovers that you're actually a shrunken man she takes advantage of your size difference both for her sadistic amusement and sexual pleasure.

You're so small that she can't make out what you're saying so you start gesturing for food and drink. She brings back a small snack and your relief quickly turns into disgust after she rubs it into her armpit and then places it in between her toes which are far out of your reach. She commands you to lick her foot if you want it. When you think you've earned it and she asks if you're ready to enjoy something tasty, instead of giving you the snack she exposes her pussy and brings you to it to feast upon the juices that you'll have to work for by pleasuring her. Dominating little things like you turns her on. The thought of rubbing herself too hard with you makes her cum, but thankfully you make it out alive.

She states that you've earned some real food and after seeing how excited you get, she amuses herself further by pinning you inside of her smelly armpit instead. You fear for your life as there's nothing to grab onto. She threatens to open her armpit and let you fall out if you don't lick and worship her armpit. Over time your tongue becomes numb and you become so weak and tired that you pass out.

Over time Katelyn plays with you less and less while she offers shrunken man "a nice place to stay" while in reality they're just kept in a box and used for her sadistic games and orgasmic pleasure just like you. It gets to a point it's nice to be chosen just to get out of the dark box she keeps you in. You start losing your sanity from living like this for so long, even joking about the freedom you once had before the shrinking virus. Little did you know how much harder life would get after the simple act of going to your neighbor’s for help after catching the shrinking virus. In fact it gets so bad that you never even make it back out alive. No. You end up getting popped beneath her foot as she climaxes from crushing you.

This is a text only PDF containing 6.5 pages of roleplay between Katelyn (vast majority of the text) and a fan (who has been kept anonymous) in 12 point Garamond. Katelyn's responses are in semi-bold text. The above summarizes all of the included text.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
x pdf
roleplay, rp, text, story, ant size, shrunken man, unaware to aware, pinned underfoot, foot crush tease, trapped, armpit fetish, torment, cruel, sadistic, horny, pussy, masturbation, crush, shrunken people, box, spectators, giantess katelyn brooks

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