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Blowing Husband's Boss

This is a special vanilla segment export from "Eaten by Unfaithful Wife" for anyone who'd like to exclusively pick up this part of the video which works well on its own. ;)

You're all worked up for Matty's wife to arrive. Any time you two wanna get it on you tell him to work from home and she comes to you. She arrives at your office in a skimpy little lunch. Matty thought she was making lunch for him before she left, but there it is on your desk... you're gonna enjoy it while you enjoy her too. "What will it be today, boss?" She's never given you a foot job, but that's not your thing. Next she offers up the valley of her cleavage for your big cock to explore, betting you wouldn't last ten minutes. The view she's displaying makes it tempting, but what you desire the most today is her big beautiful mouth. She notices and sits atop your desk with her legs spread open talking about taking in your nice long manhood. You get it out, rock hard to get deep down her throat...

She sits on the floor in a submissive pose, sexy little oh so fuckable body, hair so perfect in pigtails, eyes glazed over in lust, wanting you to blow a big load deep down her throat. She licks your cock as if she's worshipping it, the movements of her perfect pink tongue on your well hung cock is so fucking hot.. she works you up so much in all the hottest risque ways. You're addicted to her and she's addicted to you. You're so fucking handsome she can't help but want to bend over and take it or make you feel good in whatever way that entails.

She rubs her ass and pussy on your cock and it slips in for a few hot moments. It's funny how her husband thinks she's out having fun with friends, but she's actually all over your big cock. Perhaps he'll even have his newest formula ready today that you've been planning on stealing to get rich off of just like the rest. She turns around and finishes you off by taking you balls deep down her throat.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:25 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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