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Eaten by Unfaithful Wife

Your wife's been having an affair with your boss while he lets you work from home. Really it was just an easy way for them to cuck you and use you for your inventions. You had no idea this was going on until your wife came home one day, after blowing your boss at the office, and then discovered that you had accidentally transformed yourself into a sausage.

At first she's unaware you're there while she snaps and sends a sexy pic to your boss. She walks over to the lunch you were in the middle of making, curious where you are, and discovers what's happened to you. Instead of making your cock bigger for her, you accidentally turned yourself into a sausage. What's she going to do with a sausage for a husband?! She drools, tells you about how unfaithful she's been, and eats a pickle to demonstrate what's going to happen to you after cooking you up...

Her phone rings while you're in the frying pan. She picks up and it's your boss getting her all wet and worked up for their get together tonight. She hangs up to finish making her lunch. You beg and plead from the pan, wanting to see a pic of your boss' cock so you can transform yourself back and make it bigger... my oh my you sound so jealous. The only way she's wet for you is to get you into her salivating mouth. You'll even be going deeper down her throat than your boss' big cock has been and filling her up better than you ever have as well!

Ready to eat you at the dining table she asks if you have any last words. "Please Katelyn, I lov..." receives a glob of extra mayo lathered down your face and length before sealing you back up into her sub. She goes on about fucking your boss and getting rich off your inventions while enjoying you for lunch and texting him. Your cries and screams become annoying, so she bites your head off. Despite that, she then discovers that your body is still moving and takes a video of it. Since you're still moving she wonders exactly how much you can still feel and takes extra time to chew the last bite of you up. It amuses her to think that you may be able to feel parts of your body in her stomach, traveling down her throat, and getting chewed up in her mouth all at the same time. After finishing you up, her life goes on with you getting digested inside of her...

Features: unfaithful wife (with your boss) and plenty of affair dialogue, dildo blowjob (including foreplay: sitting with legs spread on desk, offering a foot job or boob job, upskirt ass view, and slipping it in for a few seconds), husband is getting used for his inventions by both of them... when he accidentally transforms himself into a sausage his wife cooks him and eats him in a sub with big sexual bites and rolling eyes in pleasure... her life goes on getting wealthy and using his boss until she grows bored of him too


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
44:47 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
cuckold, affair, wife, blowjob, dildo, horny, pigtails, office, desk, big lips, big mouth, long tongue, deep throat, cleavage, transformation fetish, eating, pov, pickle, sausage, sandwich, sub, food, vore, foreplay, katelyn brooks

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