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Special Attention for My Slave

You've given your wealth to Goddess Katelyn to make your biggest fantasy -being owned by her- come true. So far you've made a great impression! You're happy to hear that from her and you become excited after finding out that she likes to reward those who please her. Her treat to you will be indulging your ogling eyes with closeups of her beautiful body that you've been ogling from afar. You get that what you wish- permission to edge or cum as many times as you want. But! You will be doing so while she takes care of something else at the same time...

Her manicured fingers trace down past her plump cleavage to her nice fit belly with a gentle pinch of a mere inch (if that!) of "bloat" that she will be taking care of before heading out for the night. She begins to let it out with one burp after another while you pleasure yourself to everything oh so exciting that you're seeing and hearing...

Completely under her spell, you stroke it to her burps with views of her cleavage nearly spilling from her bra, to her nice fit belly, to her juicy butt, all while hearing about some of the excitements to come in your servitude to her, and of course while listening to her burps! Near the end of her treat to you she warns how she also has an evil sadistic side and how she recently swallowed a bunch of bad slaves that made her gassy, but not to worry, because if it'll ever come to that with you then she'll make you like it. Living to serve her is what makes you happy after all!

How she looks and what she says is what makes her so irresistible. She's everything you imagined and more.

Features: Goddess worship, burping, spilling cleavage, bubble butt, fit belly, goddess and slave, all from slave's pov with closeups


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:32 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
burping fetish, goddess worship, slave, cleavage, bubble butt, ass fetish, thong, belly fetish, pov, closeups, face, long hair, katelyn brooks

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