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2022 SnapChat Video Compilation

A compilation featuring a bundle of content from my snapchat! Edited together like a compilation for ease of downloading and watching. Organized into categories for your viewing pleasure. This bundle includes a bunch of the snaps that only my SnapChat subscribers previously had the pleasure of viewing when I posted to them "my story". SnapChat is an app that uses the phone's camera which is how all of these were shot. So, note that they are in 480x970 resolution, ideal for cell phone viewing. They're also raw and unedited other than organizing them into a compilation and exporting as one video. Details as follows:

0:00 - 01:01 Erotic dancing with open mouth tease. Only wearing panties, socks, sneakers.

*VORE/MOUTH TEASE & IMPROV from 01:02 - 14:02 as follows:*

01:02 - 03:00 Vore dialogue tease- I'm craving a big fat juicy sandwich with all the stuffings and dressings and you inside all of that mess getting gulped down along with it. What a privilege it'd be for you to serve my nutrition and become part of my perfect body.

03:01 - 06:43 Sub sandwich vore with open mouth chewing- I so fucking badly wish that you were inside of my lunch right like this. If anyone else was in my sandwich they'd get gulped down into my belly to join you. The last bite would plop down on top of you. What a wonderful lunch break *belllch*

06:43 - 06:56 Rubbing pussy- showing you how horny shooting vore makes me!

06:57 - 09:10 Vore- I just wanted to give my slave some nice sweet kisses, but I got carried away and accidentally swallowed him down. Now he's inside of my stomach with the last one I sent down to it.

09:11 - 10:10 Lip licking tease- Every single day I think about you, crave you... your taste, your body...

10:11 - 11:01 Some kisses to get you through your day

11:02 - 11:33 A cock sandwich sounds great for lunch! A full size cock for me to chomp through or a bunch of nude shrunken men in a sandwich. I'd especially enjoy all of their cocks as they each enter my mouth!

11:34 - 13:30 Eating my lunch and talking about how I'd enjoy you being in it

13:31 - 14:02 Crazy Halloween filter is such a fucking tease to me as I try to lick its prosthetic spider off my face...

*PUSSY TEASE & IMPROV from 14:03 - 16:20 as follows*

14:03 - 15:52 You've been kept in my desk drawer for days without direct attention, food, so you're relieved that I finally got you back out. Since I want to keep you alive I better feed you. Hope you're hungry, you have a lot of cleaning up to do after my last orgasm! Inside you go...

15:53 - 16:04 Just a quick hello before I ride a cock for a video that I'm shooting

16:05 - 16:08 Fucking my shrunken man, you... you've become my favorite sex slave

16:09 - 16:20 Behind the scenes peek at what I've been up to... head fucking my shrunken man

*CLEAVAGE & FOOT PLAY / IMPROV from 16:21 to 25:18 as follows:*

16:21 - 18:51 Behind the scenes happenings- The problem with having tiny slaves is how easily losable they are. Like right now I accidentally dropped one and any movement of mine could turn him into a stain on my carpet. I move carefully and slowly... luckily for him I spot him very easily

18:52 - 19:22 Behind the scenes tease- selecting next shrunken slave for video by seeing who falls into my cleavage

19:23 - 19:47 Random thought- Admit it, you'd love to see me towering over a city, crushing everyone, wouldn't you? Well guess what? You're just one in that crowd to me!

19:48 - 21:45 Improv- see how life's going for you today being my shrunken foot slave! Folds of foot flesh squeeze your body with every wiggle of my toes. What a predicament I have you in! Held by the deeply divine wrinkles of my soles! I command you to moisturize my foot by making love to it, only to end up crushing you anyway!

21:46 - 22:04 See how easily things could go wrong for you as my shrunken slave, how in the blink of an eye you could fall and end up crushed under my foot...

22:05 - 25:18 Imagine being the shrunken slave in between my puffy soles towering around him as I rub moisturizer into my divine feet. It's your lucky day as you get to enjoy a close up view too!

25:19 - 26:05 BTS editing- being goofy xD <3

Uncropped .gif below

If you are interested in a lifetime membership to my SnapChat, you can get it here. The content in this bundle includes all videos that were snapped in 2022.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
26:05 minutes
480x970 mp4
snapchat, bundle, candid, raw, compilation, vore, mouth, tease, eating, sandwich, burp, horny, pussy, cleavage, soles, lotion, shrunken man, pov, kiss, behind the scenes, giantess katelyn brooks

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