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Carnivorous Goddess Crushes Incompetent Slaves

Goddess Katelyn commanded her shrunken slaves to lure a neighbor's back yard chicken to her lair so that she could slaughter it and feast upon it for days. When they present a drumstick to her instead... she belittles and humiliates them, describing how easy luring the chicken over should have been since chickens eat bugs, that the neighbor's are careless about their gate, etc. What they've accomplished instead is proving themselves worthless and incapable as her slaves and she deems them unworthy to serve her any longer.

She could just eat them, but they're no substitute for her real desire and this has all ruined her appetite. In order to make up for their mistake she arouses herself to making a game out of crushing them all. The first one to suffer beneath her bare soles gets picked for feasting on the drumstick, yelling up that he deserves a last meal - how dare him claim that he deserves anything!

The rest watch from atop the drumstick as her foot plays with his bug sized body until there's nothing left. Since they've all kept their composure as directed, not wanting to get crushed next, she turns it into a game and tells them to run for their lives. Disappointed that they take off as a group, she stops them in their tracks and smears another along the glass sliding door for their stupidity.

While she could just as easily tell them to run in different directions she's ready to get off to crushing the last two together. Only a miracle would save them know, but even if they were lucky enough to get spared, like some other slaves were in the past, they'd just live every day in fear of their knowing impending doom which would be a matter of not if but when. Their Goddess fingers her wet pussy with a burning passion, moaning, wiggling her wanting bare foot above them, until finally her foot lowers down on top, getting off to squishing them.

After cumming, she tops off her indulgence by devouring the drumstick they brought to her. Turns out it tastes so good that it must have been cooked up from one of the neighbor's back yard chickens. She heads out to snatch one up herself...

Features: bare soles, bare feet, Katelyn in a thong and bra throughout (bra comes off during crush of last two), closeups of toes and soles, crushing four shrunken slaves underfoot, brief against glass crush view, fingering pussy (panties to side), for raised up for extended time for last crush, eating a drumstick to finish


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:01 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
goddess, foot crush, bare soles, pink toenails, floor view, pov, under glass, close up, shrunken men, shrunken slaves, unpleased, mad, humiliation, belittling, horny, masturbation, fingering pussy, chicken, drumstick, meat, carnivore, eating

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