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Vore Fetishist gets off on Swallowing Roommate and Friends

Vore fetishist Katelyn Brooks is on her bed masturbating to a video and gets interrupted by a loud sonic boom. She covers herself up with a robe and goes to check up on her roommate and friends. They were just partying and she doesn't hear them anymore. When she enters the room it sounds like someone is calling for her. She looks for the source, expecting to find an iPad or something. To her surprise she finds her roommate who is now shrunken.

Katelyn can't believe it! The last thing her roommate heard was that boom and when she opened her eyes she was shrunken. Katelyn wonders how widespread this is, but can't resist her in-the-moment urges for now. "Want to explore your new size?!" Katelyn places her toes and feet on her shrunken roommate, promising not to crush her, toying with her body for a moment, not entirely believing that this is really happening. A bite to the foot is convincing enough for now that it's real. She asks where the others are and gets comfortable with everyone on the bed.

"Scientists are probably scrambling to figure out what happened. Want to live life on the wild side and have some fun in the meantime?" She places the shrunken people on her belly, thighs, panties. Her roommate's begs for water. Katelyn teases him with saliva before dropping him into a cup of water and continues playing with the others, tracing them along her body, all while trying to conceal how arousing this situation is. Her roommate shouts up "My boyfriend! He's in the water!" Katelyn places everyone in her panties for safe keeping while she gets him out. But first, she's thirsty too...

Katelyn sips at the water while another friend nearly gets smothered beneath her cleavage unaware. The closer Katelyn gets to gulping him down the harder it becomes for her to hold back from doing it. Instead of getting him out, she gulps him down with the last sip of water. Her hand rushes down to pleasure her horny pussy for a moment while she takes a moment for herself feeling both pleasure and a bit of guilt at the same time for what she just did.

"How you guys doing?" She acts as if nothing happened. She reaches into her panties, gets another from her beautiful pre-cum soaked pussy, traces him up past her belly, through her cleavage, to her wanting mouth. "Want to explore another part of my body that's nice and warm and wet?" Her big wet mouth opens and drops him in. The roommate hears Katelyn's belly growl and shouts up "Where's my boyfriend?!" Katelyn says not to worry, that she'll see him later... but soon afterwards she witnesses Katelyn swallowing one of the friends, masturbating to it.

"Don't look at me like I'm a monster, he's the one that did it, he's the one that went down my throat... TO JOIN YOUR BOYFRIEND!" At this point Katelyn completely loses all control and flat out announces that she's going to swallow all of them. She rubs her horny wet pussy harder and faster, talks about the sensation of the others in her stomach, and cums to swallowing another friend down whole.

"You survived" she says to her roommate . "I love how you watched on in horror from inside my panties as I swallowed down nearly all of your friends. You missed me swallowing your boyfriend though! That begs the question- would you like to join him? Can you hear him screaming inside of my stomach?". Katelyn traces her around her now noisy belly. Her roommate would like to be her boyfriend inside of Katelyn's stomach, but the only way that will happen is if she sends herself down Katelyn's throat. Katelyn brings her up to her wide open mouth to see if she'll actually go through with it after getting a look at the last thing they ever saw before their world turned to complete darkness. She does...

There's still one more left. The one from earlier that nearly got boob crushed. She's the bi one out of the bunch and missed out on a lot of fun, other than the pleasure of being in Katelyn's bra nearly the whole time. The poor thing starts trembling, so Katelyn puts her back in her bra for later and heads off to turn on the news to see how widespread this is.

Features: discovered, playfully curious crush tease, dipping roommate's boyfriend into mouth while she helplessly watches from thighs, roommate's boyfriend gets dropped inside cup of water and swallowed down whole (includes swimming pov going down) while others are kept in panties, unaware of shrunken woman under boobs getting engulfed between cleavage, uncontrollably horny, incredibly aroused pussy (was SO turned on and SO WET while filming this!), shrunken women, shrunken men, on the spot stomach sounds (belly was making audible sounds while filming) and a few extras edited in, sticky saliva strands when mouth opens for numerous shots, inside panty pov during masturbation and vore, four get swallowed whole, big project- 28 angle changes!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
33:18 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
crush tease, bare soles, pov, wet pussy, pre cum, vore, open mouth, saliva strands, inside cup, drink, swallowed, cleavage, uncontrollably horny, masturbation, inside panties, humping, couple, friends, belly, throat, stomach sounds, vore fetish, giantess

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