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Candid Worship Package 2015 - 2022

A candid collection of 28 videos and 681 photos for fans who want to see more than what's been posted at my site. Enjoy seeing behind the scenes photos, extra-takes content from social media posts, wet pussy closeups with panties taken for personal item orders, unedited improvs, and so much more!

Total video playtime: 39 minutes and 15 seconds. Individual clips are as follows:

01: (00:50) Mouth, booty, and foot tease with no dialogue. From when I had bangs
02: (01:00) A quick thank you to video sent to a fan for sending a cheese tray. I taste and eat cheese. From when I had bangs.
03: (00:16) Closeup of my mouth playing on a laptop from a bts camera test.
04: (02:05) Behind the scenes cell phone vid from when I filmed "Curious Little Step-Brother gets First Blowjob from Big Step-Sister" Includes sexy mouth tease with belly shot and kiss to end with minimal dialogue
05: (01:34) ^ Continued, mouth tease with no dialogue
06: (01:17) BTS tease from "Spectator Sport", vore dialogue with face, booty, teasing a shrunken man prop with mouth, mouth pov with kiss to end
07: (02:28) BTS from "I've become Comfortable Burping around You" entire cell phone video sequence as a stand alone (it's also included as a free bonus video at the end of the burping video, and I'm including it in this package as well) From when I had bangs.
08: (00:57) BTS bonus mouth tease from "You're all Mine to Swallow" no dialogue. From when I had bangs.
09: (01:15) Burping after a cam show. Laying on bed in tank top, skirt, nylons, view of body with burps and no dialogue
10: (00:19) Happy sexy tease looking into camera and showing cleavage. From when I had bangs.
11: (00:45) Cleavage and booty tease with no dialogue. From when I had bangs.
12: (00:38) Cleavage and booty tease in blue stripe bikini, no dialogue. From when I had bangs.
13: (00:10) Sit on cam pov in blue stripe bikini, no dialogue. From when I had bangs.
14: (00:13) Booty shaking
15: (01:58) Tantalizing panty clad booty teases bare soles, gets graced by my beautifully manicured fingertips, I bring my booty up super close to you... very sexy ass tease video, one of the hidden gems in the package for sure! Blue cotton full back panties.
16: (03:54) Cam on floor looking up as I slip white leggings over my big round butt. You can see my blue panties through them. I sit down on the camera and tease you in various ways with my ass in the leggings and panties. Has tease/worship dialogue but it's a bit hard to hear me.
17: (00:19) A fart... lol
18: (01:46) Sometimes I can be really clumsy... this was supposed to be a cute little video for a fan on his birthday, but it's actually a little embarrassing as I drop the card not once but twice, and then give him a not so smooth virtual exploration of my palm >.>
19: (01:09) On the theme of hands I've also included a close up video of my hands working a Rubik's cube. See how far I get.
20: (00:10) Sexy view of me and my busty cleavage in a hot tub
21: (07:26) So I was in a dim room at a spa and horny to tease you with my mouth and couldn't wait any longer... no dialogue as I was sneaking this at a public place!
22: (01:17) Listen closely to hear some stomach sounds :)
23: (00:45) Curvalicious feet on dash foot tease in black leggings with socks slipping off!
24: (01:34) Feet on dash from a totally different day! Majority of video features close up of my bare unpainted toenails and a peek at my totally bare feet!
25: (00:28) I show you the unique tan line on my feet from wearing slides all summer. Video for #footfetishfriday previously posted at my twitter
26: (00:10) Walking around the city. My pov looking down at my feet in sandals. No dialogue
27: (01:58) Sneaker fetish, anyone? In this video I show you all of the sneakers that I just bought. There's five pairs! Video for #footfetishfriday previously posted at my twitter
28: (02:20) My little foot slave carefully crawls the length of my legs to my bare feet which are propped up on the desk. He gives my big toe a kiss which excites us both! He just loves my shiny white toenails. I count down from 10, giving him permission to cum to my feet before I put him back in his cage. Another little gem in this package! This video was sent to a fan in thanks for a tribute he sent and was never posted anywhere else. Only available here! Completely raw and unedited, candid style!

Photos are organized into folders as follows:

Boobs: 32 photos
Booty: 201 photos
Feet: 157 photos
Hands: 12 photos
Misc: 53 photos
Mouth and Belly: 151 photos
Pussy: 75 photos (lots of panty pics)

.gif contains screenshots showing some of the folder's contents

Date Range: 2015 - Nov 2022 This package is wild in that it includes content featuring my various of hairstyles/cuts/colors over the years, and from when lived in different houses, really a blast to the past with content spanning up to recent of this post. Really great for the devoted fan who wants it all and enjoys behind the scenes and true candid style content. All of the content was shot with whatever cell phone I had at the time.

This is a large 1.75GB download. Drag the folder out of the .zip and enjoy.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
39:15 minutes
681 HQ Photos
x zip
unedited, candid, improv, short videos, pictures, extra content, bonus content, social media content, package, compilation, bundle, panty pics, booty, ass, mouth, lips, pov, feet, foot fetish, selfies, giantess katelyn brooks

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