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Vore Goddess Returns Home to Little Sweets

Your Giantess Goddess Katelyn is back from filling her belly full of delicious entrees (yes, many!) at her favorite restaurant where they serve little morsels like you to VIPs like her. The tease of a kiss to the window frame of the miniature mansion you're kept in makes your heart race, you beg to see more. Her wet and wanting tongue soaks the only thing saving you from getting sent down her throat in the heat of the moment, but that's good, things are as they should be.

The reason you and her other little beloveds have been around longer than so many others you've seen meet their demise is because you're her favorites. She's not really going to swallow you on a whim, no. Instead she places everyone on a table just to enjoy the view of you worshipping her belly that you'll be warmly welcomed into someday. Her belly catches your attention, especially since she oils it up for you to worship and pray to. Her belly button is so big and you love hearing her talk about how it got that way from her many indulgences. She loves to keep her belly nice and full, it's been pushed to the max time and time again.

You're so lucky to be kept as you are, you can call yourself a pet and a slave because that's what you are to her. You live such a privileged life by being hers and you live to serve her. She's a Goddess. Looking up at her- she is glowing, wrapped in golden hour's warm sunny rays shining in through the shutters, as she gives you all a view of her oiled up belly and perfectly fit body that you'll become part of someday. For now, as the sun sets, she puts you all back into your little dwelling in her comparatively big world with a Goodnight. Will she be back at midnight to have one of you as a snack?

Features: beautiful golden hour aura, your pov from inside miniature house as I kiss and lick the window frame (the view is SO hot!), no props used / all pov and third person, belly button dialogue, belly shots, it's implied that I ate a few little morsels after a large dinner, no actual vore in video (just dialogue and teasing that you and the others will be swallowed someday), giantess goddess worship


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:44 minutes
3840x2160 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore tease, mouth tease, big lips, miniature house, window frame licking, belly button, oiled belly, all pov, golden hour, fetish video, clothed, goddess worship, fit body, giantess katelyn brooks

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