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Supermodel Grows into a Man-Eating City-Crushing Giga Giantess

A sexy supermodel towers in front of the open fridge in the kitchen to grab ingredients for a low calorie smoothie. As much as she wishes she could eat something else, she's holding strong at reaching the required weight a whole two days early before her next show. Now that is commitment!

Her agent Katelyn calls and asks about her weight loss. Rachel tries to tell her that the goal has been reached, but Katelyn tells her to take the pill that she gave her anyway. Rachel reluctantly agrees and audibly swallows the pill down to meet her agent's demands.

Soon after, Rachel begins experiencing unexpected side effects from it. Hot flashes, slight itching, a pulling sensation along her entire body. She gets up from the couch and can hardly believe what she sees happening to her.

Runs rip through her nylon bodysuit as it stretches beyond the limit of any longer fitting her continuously growing body. She grows taller and taller and it doesn't stop. She grows so much that she turns into a Giantess, and then she grows some more!

~ The rest of the video brings you through a custom keyframed slideshow which zooms/pans through 12 Giantess collages that I commissioned and are exclusive to this video, to portray her continued growth. During the slideshow it's mostly quiet (I played around with some stock music and found it better without), there is just a little bit of additional Giantessey vore / crush / growth audio as if you can hear some of her thoughts as a Giantess.

FYI the .gif gives you a sneak peek at 8 of the 12 collages. Credits/info is at the end of the video for each artist and the links are listed below as well for your convenience:


Little Bee


Note: This is the last video I have of Rachel. It was filmed in 2013. She retired from modeling many years ago. (A lot of fans have asked for more of her!) If you're new and want to see more content starring Rachel, you can find it here. (Note that the Giantess Rachel videos are productions from 2015 and earlier. They aren't up to date on quality, including this one despite the release date)

Note 2: This was a high cost production (thus the price) including- Rachel's rate and extra filming time for the ripping shots (getting that body suit to run and rip was actually quite a lengthy and laborious process!), plus time to shoot the photos for the collages, commissioned artists for the exclusive collages, the extra editing time needed for a growth video, and also keyframing the panning/zooming slideshow for this one. Your purchase helps recoup the costs I incurred to make this video possible. I'm hoping to at least just break even on it, but most of all I hope you really enjoy this video. Xo


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
14:01 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
growth fetish, giantess fetish, supermodel, bodysuit, close up, nylon runs, giantess collages, mini giantess, mega giantess, giga giantess, vore, crush, cities, buildings, destruction, nude, slideshow

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