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Bounty Hunter gets Swallowed by Boss

As Katelyn browses social media she comes across a certain someone who looks so tasty that she simply must have him. When you (her trusty bounty hunter) fail her, you curiously accept her invitation to come inside instead to see what all of her excitement has been about. Behind closed doors her dark eyes pierce you with an unusual lust as she licks her lips, revealing how she could swallow you whole and massaging her breasts in arousal. Now you will find out first hand what the previous men you brought to her went through.

With the click of her fingertips you shrink down to a speck on the floor beneath her towering bare foot circling around your now miniscule body teasing to crush it. This is how you find out that the woman you've been serving all along gets off to having men shrunken down into completely helpless prey to fulfil her dark desires. She takes you off to a private room where no one can interrupt.

There's no growing back, no going back, you can beg and plead all you want, but you're not getting out of this. She places you deep in the valley of her bubble but, briefly tormenting you with gas from her ass -made to inhale the essence of your Goddess- and sticking you inside of her asshole. While she could just absorb you that way, she's worked up to swallow you whole.

You beg and plead, but there's no escaping your fate. Eventually you would've become a loose end and you would have found yourself in her mouth anyway. She licks her fingers, enjoying your taste on her tastebuds and squirms inside of her mouth so much that her panties get wet to her power over you, as you see first hand when she brings you for a quick dip into her shaved pussy.

She needs you in her!! "Don't forget to squirm on the way down" is the last thing you hear before getting pushed into her wide open throat, gulped down to no return. Her hand traces your path down into her stomach and with a few rubs of her clit she climaxes in satisfaction. For now on she'll be hunting her prey herself.

Features: getting welcomed in to take another man's place, unsuspecting circumstance, stuffed into butt, one to two farts, helpless and begging, wet lips and saliva strings, pushed down throat with finger, upskirt masturbation with belly view


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:34 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
predator, goddess, bounty hunter, unsuspecting, shrunken man, helpless, saliva strings, big lips, thong, butt, anal insertion, fart, belly, upskirt, lip licking, swallowed whole, masturbation, orgasm, boobs, giantess katelyn brooks

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