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The Day has Come to get Crushed

You're one of Katelyn's slaves who likes to voyeur in on others getting crushed. Doesn't matter if they're willing or not... seeing Katelyn enjoying herself is what it's all about. And now it's your turn. "Get out your dick and make it feel good" her bare foot towers above you while she reminisces over how much she's enjoyed having you as a foot slave. How you've been in between her well padded toes, licked in between every groove of her epically wrinkled soles, how many orgasms she's had while nearly crushing you. The thing she's loved the most about you is how you're into to the fantasy. How it gets you off the same. You did send yourself to her to become her pet, her slave, one of her obedient ones, and you have served her so well. That's why this is such a treat for you to have it all coming to a perfect end for you beneath her bare foot. Truly a dream come true. Before crushing you she slips on one of her favorite slides. The ones that you were able to keep yourself inside of despite what was going on because there's no other place you'd rather be. Now, being underneath of them, you can see how truly filthy they are from all of the wear. You cum to the sight of her foot slipping in and out of her well worn slide. She gets out another pair of well worn shoes. Strappy sandals that she's bound so many slaves to. So many have been obliterated, squished, popped, beneath her shoes. But YOU will be getting crushed in the most intimate fashion- underneath of her divine bare sole! How many times have you cum just hearing her talk about her good times with shrunken slaves at her mercy? With all of that talk she's worked up to feel you pop underneath of her foot. She counts down from 10 and by the time she reaches one she's nearly cumming too. Her foot makes impact with a loud BOOM! Limbs go flying off of your body... her fingers swirling around her panty covered clit to the act of taking your life... her toes pick up your remains releasing them to the floor and crushing them again. Don't be mistaken- you've enjoyed so much action thanks to the durability spell she cast on you, but you won't be surviving this.

Features: focused close up on feet throughout, crush from 15:55 - END with booming sound effects (audible through headphones/speakers with good bass), violent crush (detached limbs seen), crush countdown from 10, cum as much as you can before getting crushed, crush slave fetishist / fantasy come true for you, reminiscing over past crushes, dirty footwear segment (slides, strappy high heel sandals)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:37 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
crush fetishist, countdown, booming footsteps, sound effects, limbs, shrunken man, reminiscing, close up, toes, wrinkled soles, floor view, pov, foot fetish, dirty shoes, sandals, feet only, giantess katelyn brooks


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  1. Claudio's Avatar
    I've been watching giantess katelyn since i was a teenager and for me she will always be the best giantess. Excellent video as expected, easy to buy and safe. Thank you so much for all these years of entertainment and for keeping the giantess fetish alive and strong

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