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First Time Traveling the Whole Way Through Katelyn's Body

Katelyn gluttonously savors her favorite cereal- rubbing pieces along her taste buds, slurping them in between her big lips, etc, and then she gets a text from her roomie -- "hey babe! left to grab some last minute things before my flight. watch out for my bf on the counter!" Your girlfriend likes to keep you shrunken, and Katelyn had no idea you were there until now. Katelyn offers to share her cereal by placing you in the bowl to help yourself. You look up as she enjoys another piece and she brings up how you could have accidentally gotten eaten if you somehow ended up in her cereal since she didn't know you were around. The thought of it arouses her curiosity - she asks if your girlfriend has taken advantage of the shrink ray's bonus side effects.

Even though you could survive getting swallowed, stepped on, and so much more, your girlfriend just likes to keep you as a pet in her bra, panties, purse, etc. However, your roomie Katelyn likes to live on the wild side and admits that she has somewhat of a food fixation and would totally be up for swallowing you! It wouldn't be considered cheating, right?! You are wanting to try it out and are in complete agreeance! Just to make sure you want to go through with it she has you watch her eat for another minute before counting down and dropping you onto her tongue. It gets slipperier every second in anticipation of swallowing you, but it stays sticky enough to keep you there until she tilts her head back to make you slide down her open-mouthed throat, exactly like the cereal that she was swallowing down.

The swallow was caught on video to send to your girlfriend. Katelyn's phone rings immediately - your girlfriend on the other line asking if you're ok. Katelyn explains that she can feel you inside of her stomach already and your movements even kick up some air making Katelyn burp! Your girlfriend is surprisingly cool with it, knowing that you've been wanting to try it and more out! Katelyn promises to keep her updated, also with the intent to warm your girlfriend up to it as well!

After a few hours Katelyn vlogs for your girlfriend again, explaining how biologically you've left her stomach, it may be a few more hours or longer before you make it the whole way through her, she won't be sending any food down after you to keep it calm in there, and she's going to take the night super relaxed since it's your first time in there. Her body is yours! After ending the vlog Katelyn realizes that having you inside of her has made her horny, but she stops herself from talking about it since you're her roomie's boyfriend.

Netflix and chill has gotten her ready to turn in early for the night, and when she starts to make one last vlog to update your girlfriend she realizes that she's touching herself a little bit and quick stops. Proceeds to say how you're ok, that she still feels you, you'll probably be coming out in the morning at this point... after ending it she realizes how worked up she is over all of it and pretends to fall asleep. Who knows if you actually fell for it though because she full on masturbates, massive climax and all, because of how aroused she became over feeling you inside of her. She could not resist pleasuring herself to it! She dozes off with a satisfied cum soaked pussy after licking the juices off her fingers.

The following morning she goes wild finishing off the cereal from yesterday (it's her fav and she didn't have dinner!) scooping up dripping spoonfuls to her luscious lips, ravenously, greedily, sexily devouring it to the last drop, and gulping down some coffee as well which gets things flowing. She rushes to the bathroom and spreads her ass open, but it doesn't feel like you want to come out just yet since you're grabbing on inside of her colon. She starts vlogging for your girlfriend, deciding that she'll drop you in the bowl because after all you've been through her entire body and Katelyn doesn't want to clean up a mess! She sits on the toilet seat and there you go, plopping into the toilet bowl! After wiping, Katelyn bends over to get you out. All of this, getting vlogged for your girlfriend to see...

Katelyn shows her how you survived, places you by the sink for a wash, and ends the vlog saying how the experience was out of the world, telling her that she totally needs to try it out. Katelyn enjoyed it so much that she wants to swallow you again before your girlfriend gets home and if you're still inside of her when she gets back then she'll have to wait until you finish going through her body again! What do you say? Are you up for getting swallowed again and again until she gets back?!

Features: open mouth swallowing of cereal and shrunken man, vlogging to your girlfriend every few hours about your journey through me, getting horny over it and masturbating as secretly as possible, real orgasm, tasting my own pussy juice, sending more cereal and coffee down in the morning to get things flowing, going to the toilet to plop you out into the bowl and get you out, you surviving everything, wanting to do it again while I have you all to myself


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
34:23 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, big lips, glossy lips, pov, shrunken man, close up, swallowed whole, cereal, open mouth swallow, burps, belly, time passing, vlogging, traveling through body, wet pussy, masturbation, real orgasm, butt, asshole, toilet, survival, giantess katelyn br

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