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Klay's Shrinking Experience - Part 2 of 2

You regain consciousness in an unfamiliar room. Katelyn enters and tells you to stand the fuck up. She's eager to continue the shrinking experiment on you! You clearly have no choice but to do what she says and you know all too well not to fight against her because of what happened before you passed out. (See Part 1!) You stand up as tall as you possibly can and see that you shrank a few more inches while you were out. Now you only come up to Katelyn's crotch. She measures your height in comparison to her body, tells you how small you're going to be getting, adds some notes to your case file, and then fires the newly modified shrinking device at you.

The world blurs out as you have a shrinking spurt down to Katelyn's calves. Until your next shrinking spurt she does some tests on you. First by slapping you in the face by testing your fear. Next by having you catch her foot coming down on you - threatening that you have to hold it up for a few seconds or she'll stand on you. Luckily she supports 99% of her weight herself since she wants to continue experimenting on you - but it doesn't end there. You also have to hold her bubble butt up and if you lose focus she'll sit on you! It almost seems like you're getting a little better as you shrink - probably because your life now depends on it!

Your next shrinking spurt is so intense that it makes you pass out. You awaken in Katelyn's palm. How small are you now? Only an INCH! Katelyn brings her pen up to you and makes you grab onto it, threatening that if you let go while she swirls it around then she won't break your fall to the floor! Now you are truly just a toy for her to play with, but her experiments continue...

To test your fear she slowly lowers her hand closer and closer to you and pinches you in between her fingers. Next she shows how you could live in a palm sized house, but temporarily because it would then be too big after your next shrinking spurt. Then she pulls out a naked barbie doll who could be a Giantess ruler to you if she was real. Maybe next Katelyn will shrink a real woman down to that size to rule over her shrunken slaves while she's out. Shrunken slaves... you wonder?! Katelyn reveals that many other test subjects are now her slaves! Since you've been a pretty good test subject, she rewards you with a few kisses. With that, you have another shrinking spurt.

Now you're so incredibly small that she needs to hold you under her thumb so you don't fall off her palm, but soon you'll be living in a whole new world. You look down and see a make-shift petri dish. Is it all for you? Nope. You don't see any movement because those that are residing in it are germ sized. However, you might end up getting even smaller than they are since she's been testing new shrink ray technology on you. For the next few minutes she experiments some more on your body, but then quick places you in the dish before your next shrinking spurt with the expectation that you're going to become so small that she won't even be able to handle you with her fingers without crushing you. She'll need to check on you a way that you'd look at germs and microbes- under a microscope!

Features: shrink device (light ray with sound effect included), shrinking in spurts (blurring with sound effect each time), being a test subject, strength tests (hold up Katelyn's feet and ass), fear tests (a few slaps across the face, hands lowering down on you), size comparisons (to Katelyn and various objects), shrinking down to gnat sized, a few kisses, implied that you will shrink down to germ size, Katelyn's voice echoes more the smaller you get (subtle), all from your pov, name used is Klay.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:58 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, shrinking, device, spurts, stages, transformation, taking notes, sound effects, visual effects, bare feet, cleavage, panty clad booty, handheld, close up, lips, eyes, size comparison, petri dish, fetish video, Katelyn Brooks


One Review and Counting...

  1. BasAder13's Avatar
    Your performance was so great and loved the additional fx. One piece of feedback is with each stage, your voice would get slower and louder as well, maybe more ambient sound in the background. Also was hoping to see the 2nd to last final stage (or maybe a sequel?) where you're observing under a magnifying glass with your mouth and eye magnified, booming from above as your cackle roars. And maybe Finally you place him under a slide and continue, maybe either dropping a single drop of saliva onto it or cum onto it, drowning him as he shrinks. Just an idea. ? I have yet to see anything involving an actual slide or microscope kind of gag to cheat the size. Otherwise this is one of my favorites from you.

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