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Klay's Shrinking Experience - Part 1 of 2

Lately all the rage has been about getting miniaturized. You go to the best person known for the experience- none other than Katelyn Brooks. After a brief explanation of the process you sign away and she fires the device at you. At first it's going well, she seems personable, professional, and even a little flirty- rewarding you for being such a great test subject with small chat, hugs, cheek kisses, etc, while observing you and taking notes as you shrink in spurts. However, by the time you get down to about waist height you don't like the fact that she's now so much more intimidating compared to your dwindling size, and it pisses you off how she laughs in your face about how your cognitive thinking is shrinking along with you. You lash out by pushing her and in return she knocks you to the ground with a hip bump to assert her dominance over you.

The next thing you know she's saying your name and telling you to wake up. To establish the new hierarchy she threatens that if you try to hurt her again that you're going to get it so much worse. For demonstration she stands above you while you're still on the floor and raises her foot up- talking about how she could kick you next time and that would hurt so much worse. Even mere flicks of her fingers really sting!

When she flicks your dick and balls she's surprised to discover a slight hard-on, despite her threatening demeanor. To show you how truly helpless you are, she makes you fully hard by slipping her panties off and rubbing her pussy above you, and then proceeds lower herself down on your dick to use it for her sexual pleasure knowing that there's nothing you can do about it. She's so heavy in comparison that each bounce on top of your dick nearly makes you black out again. You can only lie there and take it because there's no turning back now. You're only going to be getting smaller and more helpless- you'll need her for your survival. To fight back again could mean much worse for you. You can hardly take it anymore, just as your world is turning black, right when she's on the edge of cumming, you have another shrinking episode and black out.


Features: shrinking in spurts, Katelyn's demeanor changes from friendly and flirty to mean and dominant (she even uses you for her own sexual pleasure when you're helpless and in pain on the floor), pov, sexy cleavage seen throughout. Name used is Klay

Visual effects- shrinking device (light), shrinking (blurring), pain (blacking out)
Sound effects- shrinking device and every time you shrink


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
25:54 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, shrinking, device, spurts, stages, flirty, cleavage play, taking notes, sound effects, visual effects, demeanor change, dominant, pain, helpless, used, blacking out, sex slave, fetish video, Katelyn Brooks

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