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Submit to Serving Wife's Filthy Feet

Your wife's feet are feeling sore and tired after spending a full day barefoot outside tending to her goddess garden, pruning trees, and manicuring the landscape all while barefoot. She didn't have any shoes on since she enjoys feeling the earth below her bare feet, crushing leaves as they fall to the ground, and crushing ants into the concrete and dirt. So many have perished beneath her soles today! After all of that she could really go for a nice relaxing foot rub. However, when you say that you'd like to make a sandwich first, she gets bossy making sure that you know that her needs come before yours. She's the head of the house and if you don't treat her feet first then you'll sleep in the dog house tonight. Plus, you became hers when you married her. She owns you.

Next you're inside under her dirty soles which are sticking out from a nice big soft fluffy blanket. She looks so comfortable up above while you sit on the floor below her now even filthier feet. She orders you to thank her for being so thoughtful to crush more of the earth on the way in because now you can pretend that the dirt and leaves are a tasty snack. That should hold you over until lunch, right? She asks if you like it and you say no, but she tells you not to deny it.

She feels so relaxed that she could keep you there for the rest of the day, but before long she decides that she'll take a nap and tells you to fuck off. However, being under her control has put you under a spell, and you don't budge. She pops out her tits in fascination of your reaction and tells you to fuck off and go make her a sandwich before you make yours because she'd like to devour it upon her awakening.

Features: submitting to a controlling wife, told to eat dirt and leaves stuck to soles while thanking wife for it since you were hungry / humiliation, admit that you like it even if you don't, put under a spell


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:36 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, bossy, controlling, wife, dirt, leaves, soles, bare feet, foot fetish, close up, humiliation, mind game, blanket, cozy, toes, wide feet, gfe, femdom, Katelyn Brooks

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