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Breakfast at Dani's

Your step mom Danielle Maye comes into her kitchen oblivious to you and and your friends scrambling to get her attention in a bowl of Cheerios before it's too late. She simply doesn't see your friend as she opens her mouth and feeds herself a spoonful of Cheerios and your screaming friend. Things slightly improve when you and your other friend are found before suffering the same fate to end up in her belly. Danielle goes into great detail about how it must have looked and felt for your friend to experience being eaten alive by a Giant who was too big to see or notice him; he's probably still alive inside her right now, sloshing around in the belly of a huge giant.

Bringing them into the living room, Danielle admits all this talk of being such a huge and unstoppable Giant has got her pussy soaked. Danielle lowers her face to her step son and locks eyes as she fingers your squirming screaming friend into her pussy as you have to watch her fuck, before your cums soaked friend is lowered into her mouth as she delights in the sensation of feeling a living person, scream and beg for his life as she effortlessly swallows him alive and feels him enter inside her. With only her step-son left, it's time for Danielle to break the ultimate taboo.

*Note from Giantess Productions: "This is an amazing marathon of a video featuring an immersive Cheerio unaware scene and then and extended masturbation scene involving you and your friend. This is my best work to date."


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
55:09 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Danielle Maye, vore, unaware giantess, giantess, swallowed, mouth, Cheerios, tongue, POV, masturbation, pussy, big tits, boobs, taboo, step-mom, MILF

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