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Swallowed on the Day of Arrival

Katelyn finds a package on her porch upon returning home from a run. After a light stretch she heads inside and opens the box. Inside is a note which reads "Please find the enclosed shrunken man. His name is Zachary. Based off of what I discovered on his laptop he's a devoted fan of yours. He shrank himself to live out his fetish despite that meaning the end of our marriage and perhaps the end of his life. Do whatever you want to him. I'm moving on. Xx" Katelyn unveils her new toy by dumping him along with the packaging onto the palm of her hand.

"Wow, look at how handsome you are! You look so happy to see me. Welcome to your new world Zachary." Being that the fetish was only obtainable through content for the longest time it became instantly irresistible to Zachary, and so many others, once shrinking became possible. He isn't the first to arrive to his true Goddess, Katelyn, after finding out. She gives him a boob hug and admires him up close.

"Aren't you a fine specimen? You just may be the most handsome shrunken slave that I own." Katelyn expresses how delighted she is that his wife -or should I say ex wife- just wanted him to be happy and sent him to her. Or perhaps she was outraged and sent him to Katelyn to meet his more than likely demise? Who knows what she saw on that laptop... but either way, now his biggest dream has come true.

"Now you're my slave and the purpose of your life is to serve me. Here's your first task: try to survive while I bulldoze you with my massive tits for my sheer amusement!" Katelyn slips her big boobs out from beneath her sports bra and bounces them around his smaller-than nipple sized body. His determination to prove himself worthy gives him the strength to feat such a grand task at entry level of being her newest slave. He goes mostly unscathed and gets to worship them as a brief reward before an encore. "There's no guarantee you will survive this or any of my games, so if you feel like you're going to cum then I command you to squirt all over these tits. I command you to fully enjoy this fetish with me!" The boob bulldozing leads into some super hot nipple worship. He gazes up at his Goddess' expression of approval and pleasure before getting scooped up.

"Now it's going to get a bit more rough and risky" Katelyn's places him on the carpeted floor down below her sneakers which are so big that they look like mountains or hills surrounding his body. She slips off a sneaker and the scent is so powerful that it puts him even deeper under her control. "Cum to knowing that there's nothing you can do to escape me if I want to crush you like the little bug sized man you are." She teases about how easy it would be to crush him, makes him worship her smelly soles, has him lick off some of the sock fuzzies from her toes, he hears about how some other slaves didn't survive being under her sneakers. It's oh so tempting for Katelyn to turn him into the next stain on the floor, but knowing how this is his biggest dream come true makes her want to play with him some more.

Next she places him on the glass table and her big bubble butt lowers down on him. "I can feel you struggling for some air... here, breathe breathe breathe... now it's coming back down on top of you" He enjoys her ass in all of its glory. "You want to get crushed under my ass? I could just sit on you and not lift back up and that would be it for you. Slap my big butt once for no, twice for yes" He slaps her butt a bunch of times, just a naughty little thing having the time of his life. It makes her giggle in delight! She lifts up and turns around...

"Ultimately, this has all been for my amusement and foreplay before I send you down my big wet throat" She rubs her bare belly and graces her fingertips over her panty clad pussy several times while looking down at her prey. Usually she keeps shrunken fans around much longer, but she's sure Zachary will want to continue living out his fantasy as long as possible by doing everything he can to survive inside of her for yet the longest!

"Explore my mouth before you send yourself down my throat willingly!" He jumps onto Katelyn's big wet tongue and then almost falls down her throat when he slips back to get a closer look at where he's going. Her mouth salivates in anticipation for swallowing him, her fingers come in play with her snack for just a few more minutes. "Reach out and feel my powerful teeth." Her K9's are so sharp that she's wondered if she was a vampire in a previous life. They can so easily pierce through flesh and she likes the taste, but she enjoys feeling a shrunken man in her stomach even more! With that, she opens wide.

"You'll do anything for me, won't you? Well then, squirm on the way down!" She slowly brings him into her mouth, releases him, and he willingly slips himself down her throat. It gives her great pleasure feeling him go down like that and he lasts so long in her wet throat squirming down! After he falls out of her throat it's a fast descend into her stomach where he tries to survive as long as possible. He succumbs to the pure bliss of worshipping her in such a supreme way that he gets to worship her from the inside and it really puts her in the mood to swallow some more down after him.

Features: sent to Katelyn by wife after shrinking yourself, get unwrapped and dumped into Katelyn's palm with the protective packaging and enjoy some awesome handheld pov, try to survive getting bulldozed by big boobs, latch on to a nipple while peering up at your Goddess' blissful expressions, enjoy the fetish and cum anytime (as commanded to do so!) because you never know how much longer you'll survive, see what it's like to be bug sized on the floor underneath of your God's sneakers socks and soles, slap her big butt on top of you knowing that it could take your life at any second (pov, under-glass, and prop views), ride Katelyn's wet tongue and look down her throat where you'll be going the first day of arrival, reach out and feel Katelyn's teeth, slide down her throat willingly and squirm along the way, subtle giantess voice effect during pov, lots of shots, lots of indulgement, mega-video-- covers many aspects of the fetish in one (handeld, boob crush tease, foot crush tease, butt crush tease, mouth play and vore, belly shot with dialogue about feeling you inside)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
31:27 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, handheld, shrunken man, tit worship, nipples, boobs, close up, floor view, foot crush tease, sneakers, socks, soles, butt crush tease, under glass view, belly, throat, teeth, on tongue, swallowed whole, vore, giantess fetish, giantess katelyn brooks


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  1. Stephen's Avatar
    Amazing 1st & 3rd person POV video. It offers so much more than vore alone. The camera shots are perfect and so immersive in the Katelyn style we all love.

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