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Mother Takes Care of It

You see your fiancee's mother is twerking her ass in excitement to head out to the club and you simply can't resist watching. She has no idea you're on a nearby chair because of how small you are. You overhear how she's going to show other men what's already taken by grinding against her husband on the dancefloor tonight, and how it turns them on so much to tease other men. You continue to go unnoticed and it just gets hotter. She raises the back of her skirt up revealing her thong and back up to the chair you're watching from. She's so close that you could almost reach out and touch her ass, but it comes lowering down on you before you know it... the deep valley of her ass crack is your only savior from being completely obliterated at that very moment.

Uh-oh... she realizes that she sat on something. Your heart races as she looks under her ass. She is absolutely appalled by the sight of you and she goes into the gruesome details of how you could have just ended up smeared across the chair. You kind of wish that's what happened because know whatever comes next can't be good. She picks you up to have some more words with you.

You struggle in the palm of her hand underneath of her opposite fingertip and are absolutely terrified as she drills in how she doesn't approve of her daughter marrying an insignificant spec. To you further dismay at this moment your fiancee calls out that she's still getting ready (implied) to which the mother responds for her to take her time. With that, the mother drops you into her cleavage and bounces her boobs carelessly letting you fall farther into of her bralette. "Did you pop yet?" She asks, while reminiscing in past memories of creaming other shrinkees into her tits to keep them looking luscious. After some more bouncing she carefully peels up her top and bralette, letting you fall into her palm.

You look up and see her exposed breasts towering over you "don't think I like you because of where I have you" she bulldozes you with her larger than life boob "you stand no chance against this tit ending you at this very moment" she toys with the idea a little longer, enjoying her power over you and your struggles to stay alive. "Press your pathetic face into my nipple, give in to what you crave just like I am!" Her nipple alone is so much larger than you. She massages her tits while in one hell of a power trip. "If you were any smaller I'd feed you to my tit, but I have an even better fate in mind for you."

It turns out you aren't the first pathetic little being at her mercy. She reminisces over how her and her girlfriends used to enjoy sending you to their tummies on nights out. With that thought, her mouth opens wide while eyeing you up. It always amused her how your kind is small enough to be swallowed. How any kind of struggling during the process prolongs the inevitable. Fear spreads across your face as she brings you to her tongue for another taste. Furthermore, you hear about how it drove her boyfriend wild when she'd use you around the head of his cock during blowjobs, and how the tiny would be blasted down her throat on climax.

With that, she tosses you into her mouth. "Having second thoughts about joining our family now?" You helplessly struggle inside of her cavernous wet mouth. It's so sticky that her saliva saves you from slipping back her tongue, even when she tilts her head back in enjoyment of where she has you. She's enjoyed all of this so much that she's going to start collecting shrinkees just to have some on hand to pluck when out for her enjoyment when the mood strikes. That's all your kind is really good for, for her amusement, and getting rid of you will teach her daughter that too after losing you.

"Enjoying this part of me too, Jamie?" she sarcastically asks since you've had the pleasure of getting so close to her ass and tits. It's only fair that the fun continues in her own way. And who got all of this started? YOU! If you weren't caught perving on her ass then none of this would have ever happened. She hopes you're proud of yourself! She shows you where you'll be going, lets you reach out and touch her belly, knowing that you'll be going inside of it. With that, she swallows you down triumphantly.

Shortly after your arrival to her stomach she sees her daughter's phone get a text. Her daughter is still getting ready so she checks and sees it's you texting her for help, explaining what happened, saying that her mother's evil, etc. In return Katelyn sends you a picture of where you are and then deletes the texts and blocks your number. Your fiancee will never know what happened to you. You'll be helplessly melting away in her mother's stomach the whole night while listening to what a great time they're having out without you.

Features: perving on fiancee's mother's booty, unaware to aware, getting sat on and discovered, handheld pov, nearly crushed by larger-than-life boobs (in between, underneath), nipple worship, reminiscing over past times with tinies, enjoying power over you, fiancee's mother prevents unwanted marriage by swallowing you whole, helpless inside tummy


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
33:05 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
milf, vore, pov, helpless, shrunken man, extreme closeups, booty, twerking, cleavage, boob bouncing, big bare boobs, underboob, in between boobs, nipple worship, handheld, power trip, open mouth, on tongue, swallowed whole, belly, giantess fetish, giantes


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  1. Stephen's Avatar
    Simply WOW! Great scenario and as usual Katelyn made it incredibly immersive with perfect camera angles, great acting & amazing dialogue.

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