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Dani finds her Step Dad Tiny and Helpless

Dani peers down discovering something small moving below her, it's her very own step dad. Unfortunately for him this is not rescue or safety. Dani won't be telling anybody about this find, she hates him and now she's in the perfect position of power to inflict never ending misery and degradation on her tiny, helpless step-dad who can't get away from her. He can never escape, never get away. No-one can rescue and save him from her if they don't know he's shrunk. She teases him with her tits before he's used as a masturbation toy for his bratty step-daughter. The only thing is, Dani isn't too keen on keeping him around. She lifts him up to her face and looks him in the eye as it dawns on him what is about to happen. His giant step-daughter is about to lower him into her mouth and consume him... while he's still alive. He's about to be eaten alive by his own selfish, arrogant step-daughter and end up in the horror of her stomach along with her breakfast and bits of food condemned to a slow and horrifying fate inside of her body. He never got along with his step-daughter, but never in his darkest nightmares could have have dreamed he be made to lose his life in such a horrific way. As he slips around in the wet pinkness of her mouth her can hear her moans and realizes that she's so sick and twisted, this brat is actually going to cum again feeling him enter inside her. His screams and begging hasn't changed her mind, it's only made her wetter.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
29:08 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Dani Maye, boobs, tits, step-daughter, step-dad, taboo, giantess, masturbation, vore

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