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Waiting to be Food for Mila

This is a 42 minute vore-epic with some amazing mouth views, multiple camera angles and horny, sensual, taboo vore-talk from your step-sis Mila

You find yourself shrunk having fallen into your own yogurt. Your bratty step-sister Mila looms into view above, as you desperately try to get her attention. However you remain utterly unnoticed and can only look on in horror as she slowly licks her lips and starts feeding herself spoonfuls, delighted at every single drop, slipping down her throat into her belly. The horror dawns on you that you're about to get spooned up and be food for her. Worst nightmare becomes reality as your spooned up and see her eager, hungry mouth slowly open, you can literally see her tonsils, as you go inside and her mouth closes around you.

You're swished around but ultimately drooled out into her palm after she notices something and realizes finally what happened. She sympathizes with you greatly, she can't even imagine the terror you felt in her mouth, seconds away from a single, wet glurp sending you inside of her to perish in her stomach without her even realizing your in her, losing your life in her stomach. However she soon confesses this extreme situation, has got her pussy soaking her panties and she can't help but put her little step-bro down there to satisfy her. However in the end there's only one way Mila wants to end this. You struggle and plead for your life in her grasp as she lowers you into her wet, hungry mouth and consumes you alive as you enter inside of her and make her cum. How naughty she's been, but no-one will ever know what happened.

NOTE: This was filmed on a very rainy day and depending on quality of your speakers there may be some slight ambient rain noise in some shots


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
42:26 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, shrinking fetish, swallowed alive, giantess, giantess fetish, giantess productions, masturbation, belly, pigtails, black hair, upskirt, knee high socks, white sneakers, topless, tits, step-sister, step-brother

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