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A Good Foot Slave

Katelyn enters the room and reminds you to keep your focus on her feet. After you shipped yourself to her, you became her foot slave. Her feet are your world. They OWN you. You live to serve her and her feet. You hyper-focus on them because your life depends on it. You watch every single one of her steps, ready to take action when commanded to do so. It feels so great when she acknowledges what a good foot slave you have been so far. After all, you do make sure to get plenty of rest when you're able to, that way you have the energy needed to continue being her foot slave and staying alive while doing so. You know how easily her feet could take your life. In that respect they are like GODS, as they decide your fate. And if she were to crush you? Your remains would serve as moisturizer to pamper her perfect feet. She isn't going to crush you, not right now anyway.

She puts your tongue to use on making her bare feet feel good. You're so small that your little tongue is able to get in between all of the groves of her Epically wrinkled soles. You enjoy hearing her subtle moans of delight. She then places a pair of well worn sandals in front of you. Ones that you've never seen. It turns out they're one of her top favs. They've been by the front door this whole time getting worn out all of the time which is why you haven't seen them. You've only kept less worn pairs clean. Her favs are absolutely filthy. You've never seen such worn shoes! It looks like you not only have your work cut out for you, but until further notice you'll also be living off of the dirt, grime, and debris you get from cleaning them. Of course that will make you do a great job, as your life depends on it. In the meantime she'll be breaking in some new pairs of shoes that she got today.

Features: Entire video's focus is pov on feet at floor level, neon pink toenails, foot slave theme, genuine top-fav well worn sandals, epically wrinkled bare soles.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:18 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
wrinkled soles, bare soles, wide feet, dirty sandals, shoe fetish, shoes, hot pink toenails, foot fetish, foot slave, shoe slave, floor view, pov, giantess fetish, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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