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4K 360 VR - Mail Order

You are a mail order tiny companion. You've trained your entire life to serve the giant beings that dominate your world, and now you've arrived at your new home.

Fresh out of the box and still groggy from shipping, you wake up on her desk. You look up at her and can’t help feeling nervous, overwhelmed by her size and the power she has over you. But her voice is soft and her touch gentle. She gives you clothes to wear, food and water, a nice cage with furniture to your scale, and even a brush for cleaning her shoes. You could have been bought by anyone, sent anywhere, but you’re Hers, and you want to do everything you can to make Her happy. Her name is Julie. She names you Lizzie.

Devotion comes naturally. Over the following days, you settle into a comfortable routine. You spend most of your time keeping Julie company, or doing tasks around her room: tidying her desk or cleaning her shoes. She often watches you, fascinated by your every move. You find it a bit unsettling at first, but you figure it’s just because she’s introverted and a bit awkward. She doesn’t have many friends and only leaves the apartment to go to class.

However, not everything is as it seems. As the days turn into weeks, and you become privy to the intimate details of Julie’s inner world, you stumble upon a dark secret that will put your obedience to the test and change your relationship forever.

♥ Experience life as a girl’s tiny pet!
♥ Dedicate your entire existence to pleasing and serving your owner!
♥ 39 minutes of POV in 4k 360 VR!
♥ 251 illustrations by SorenZer0!
♥ Professional voice acting by April Would!


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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
39:04 minutes
3840x2160 mp4
360 vr, virtual reality, shrunken woman, pov, inside cage, handheld, floor view, dirty shoes, sneakers, sandals, cleaning shoes, nearly crushed, story, masturbation, inside pussy, used as a sex toy, time lapse, cg, illustration, voice-over, story

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