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Spit Immersion Training

A long sticky string of warm saliva slowly drips from Katelyn's nice big lips down onto your face to begin the first day of training, starting with spit immersion. Training - you ask? Why yes, to strengthen you up for being her play thing. If you can last through this than you can last through almost anything. Sounds good to you with knowing how many shrunken slaves haven't survived through her games as of late. Plus, having her spit, lips, tongue, mouth, all over your face is like heaven. You want more and more and that's what you get with more saliva coating you, your face licked and sucked, kissed, some breast smother action... timed for durations starting at twenty seconds and increasing.

Katelyn also makes you drink up some of the thick puddle of spit on the table below you. It's not all fun and games with her, she derives excitement for tormenting her slaves as well! Nevertheless, you simply can't resist her and whatever she wants to do! She is your Goddess. Your Giantess. She sucks on your face again and again - her big lips and tongue lap around it, almost like a sloppy french kiss with lots of thick saliva. Pushing you to your limit is exactly the purpose! You're up to forty seconds of nonstop contact so it's quite refreshing with she lifts off and tops off with spitting in your face and telling you what a good job you did. For surviving the training she flashes you with her pussy.

Features: doll with dick, everything shot in third person pov, touch of slow motion in a few of the spit scenes, saliva dripping onto face, spitting onto face, under glass view with face licking/kissing/sucking and brief breast smother. Name used is Eddy.

Note: This is the first half of First Day of Training: Spit Immersion and Head Fucking for those who just want this part of it since it works out well as a stand alone clip ;)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:22 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
spit, fetish, face licking, saliva strings, mouth, shrunken man, doll, dick, boner, timer, countdown, breath hold, upskirt, pink, breast smother, under glass, kissing, pussy, boobs, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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