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Things get Competitive with Mila

Mila finds her step-brother tiny and helpless and hoping to be rescued from the livingroom floor. Unfortunately for him it was Mila who found him and she doesn't have much love for him. In fact you are both so competitive and constantly fighting, Mila is very pleased to now have the definitive upper hand. It would have been better for him to literally have been found by anyone else because Mila won't be rescuing him or letting anyone else know she's found him. Instead, he's going to be kept as her personal toy and foot bitch. Rubbing and licking every last drop of sweat and grime off her bare feet whenever she wants.

Mila wants to play a game with her toy and demands she be worshiped and he jerks off and cum over her perfect feet, or be effortlessly crushed under them like some meaningless filthy insect. Mila can't help but to rub her pussy to his humiliation. He's humiliated for cumming over her feet, before he's tossed into her panties to make her cum. Things get intense as she looks hi min the eye and explains he's no doubt going to lose his life in her orgasm. Miraculously he survives, only for Mila to play one last game with him... swallowing her own step-bro down her throat, terrified and screaming as he goes inside of her to melt away in her belly and secure her place as the only one left to be spoilt by their parents.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
27:00 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Mila Amora, taboo, joi, bare feet, soles, step-sister, step-bother, vore, big lips, panties, shrunken man, swallowed alive, foot fetish, foot worship, masturbation, giantessproductions

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